Grants.Duke FAQ

What if I can’t login to Grants.Duke?

You’ll need your NetID and password in order to login to Grants.Duke. Call the DHTS Help Desk if you don’t know your NetID and/or your password. Currently, you must be part of the pilot user’s group to submit proposals in Grants.Duke.

I can login to Grants.Duke, but I can't see any proposals.  Why?

In order for your proposal to appear in Grants.Duke, your proposal must have the Grants.Duke indicator set to Yes, and the rich text fields must be replaced by PDF attachments in SPS.

At this time, PI assistants do not have access to Grants.Duke. Only PI’s and SPS department administrators have access.

My Grants.Duke proposal has errors – how do I fix them?

If Grants.Duke finds errors in your proposal, you must resolve them before you continue. Grants.Duke will not let you release any proposals with errors. The error message should give you sufficient information to resolve the error. Refer to the grants.duke Pilot Users’ Guide.

Warnings about your proposal do not stop it from being released for submission; however, they should be resolved.

If you continue to have questions about resolving errors and warnings in your proposal, call the DHTS Help Desk at 684-2243 and ask them to page the RAD analyst on call.

My proposal has a Grants.Gov status of “Rejected w/errors.” What should I do?

Call the Help Desk right away and ask them to page the RAD analyst on call.

 My proposal has been received by Grants.Gov but it doesn’t seem to be progressing.  How should I follow up?


When you release a proposal for submission, the Grants.Gov status on the Grants.Duke S2S Tracking page is “Receiving . . .” as it is being sent to Grants.Gov. The status changes to “Received” when it is received by Grants.Gov. Next, the status becomes “Validated” after the proposal passes Grants.Gov’s error checks. Finally, the status changes to “Received by Agency” after the proposal is picked up by NIH.

Your proposal should reach the “Validated” status within 48 hours after it is released for submission in Grants.Duke. After it is validated, your proposal should reach the  “Received by Agency” status within an additional 48 hours, which would be 96 hours after it was submitted.

If your proposal does not progress to the “Validated” status within 48 hours and the “Received by Agency” status within 96 hours, you should contact RAD by calling the DHTS Help Desk and asking them to page the RAD analyst on call. You will need your proposal’s SPS ID and the Grants.Gov tracking number.

How can I learn more about Grants.Duke?

Read the grants.duke Pilot Users’ Guide.

How do I get an eRA Commons user name?

In order to submit an application electronically to the NIH, you will need an eRA Commons user name, and it must be validated with an employment record. Contact your department business office for more information.

I’m ready to release my proposal for submission, but the Grants.Gov site seems to be offline. What should I do?

If Grants.Duke can’t connect to Grants.Gov, you will see an error message indicating that Grants.Gov is not available. Use your web browser’s print functionality (such as the Print command on the file menu) to print the page with this error message. Also, please call the DHTS Help Desk and ask them to page the RAD analyst on call.

I am trying to attach a PDF file in Grants.Duke and it will not accept the file because it contains forms. What should I do?

 How do I reduce the size of a PDF attachment?

Read Resolving Problems With PDF Files.

I am getting an error message that says the PDF file that I am trying to attach was created by software that is not supported by Grants.Duke.  What should I do?

Read Resolving Problems With PDF Files.