OASIS Applications

The Office of Academic Solutions and Information Systems currently supports 20+ custom and configurable off-the-shelf research applications with more in the pipeline. If you would like more information on our products, please select the appropriate support link below.



myRESEARCHhome, funded through Duke’s Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA), aims to provide an engaging and useful portal for the Duke research community.  Through this custom portal, investigators and research support staff from basic, clinical, and social science disciplines will have access to tailored content and opportunities.  This includes:

  • Single point of access for frequently needed research tools
  • Transparency into status of research projects
  • Personalized notifications
  • Relevant funding and training announcements
  • Opportunities for career development
  • Integration with myRESEARCHnavigators

Status:  In Production
Support: Select "Research Help" widget in myRESEARCHhome to directly contact myRESEARCHnavigators

Research Compliance & Regulatory Applications

COI Form

COI Form allows Duke faculty and staff to electronically submit a Conflict of Interest form. Our user-friendly wizard greatly simplifies the complex disclosure process.


COI Admin

COI Admin allows Duke COI administrators to monitor submitted forms, check incoming awards for potential conflicts, generate reports, and maintain standard reference data.

Status:   In Production
Support: COI Assistance


Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) allows central compliance offices to manage subrecipient and subcontractor financial conflict disclosures.

Status:  In Production
Support: COI Assistance

RCC Training Tracker

RCC Training Tracker allows departmental users to view Research Costing Compliance (RCC) training information (e.g., Advanced Grant Management training, OSP Effort training).

Status: In Production
Support: RCC Assistance

Research Compliance Tracker (RCT)

Research Compliance Tracker (RCT) allows departmental users to view research compliance information. RCT user access is based on SPS rights. RCT users can view potential compliance issues associated with a proposal (e.g., IRB protocol expired) or a person (e.g., no current Conflict of Interest form).

Status: In Production
Support: Compliance Technical Support


Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) allows departmental users to track compliance with Duke's institutional requirement that everyone involved in research complete the RCR training module.

Status: In Production
Support: Compliance Technical Support

Sponsored Travel

Sponsored Travel allows investigators with PHS research funding to disclose sponsored travel.

Status: In Production
Support:  Compliance Technical Support

Sponsored Research Applications


Grants.Duke assists Duke Medical Center and Campus personnel with the electronic submission of grant proposals to federal sponsors. Grants.Duke users can attach supporting documents to a grant proposal that has been entered in the Sponsored Projects System (SPS), then release the proposal for submission. Grants.Duke electronically transmits the proposal to Grants.Gov, then on to the federal sponsor.

Status: In Production
Support: Grants Assistance

Sponsored Projects System (SPS)

SPS assists Duke Medical Center and Campus personnel with the management of sponsored projects. SPS users can edit grant proposals, route them through the approval process, generate paper forms for government sponsors, and track basic award information. SPS provides standardized proposal information for all sponsors, enforcement of sponsor business rules, decision-support grant reporting across the institution, and electronic routing for review and approval at both the departmental and central office levels.

Status: In Production
Support: Grants Assistance

Research Explorer (REx)

REx allows administrators to view research space and award information by department or by principal investigator. REx displays space data for the current year and prorated award data by fiscal year.

Status: In Production
Support: Grants Assistance

Sponsored Effort

Sponsored Effort allows central grant offices to update awarded effort information, and allows departmental users to view active and pending effort for a specific person.

Status: In Production
Support: Grants Assistance

Subrecipients (Duke)

Subrecipients (Duke) allows Duke personnel to generate Subrecipient Form 1, update subrecipient profile data (e.g., certifications, authorizing official), and administer subrecipient user accounts.

Subrecipients (External)

Subrecipients (External) allows external users to request a user account and update subrecipient profile data (e.g., certifications, authorizing official).

Status: In Production
Support: Grants Assistance

Clinical Research Applications


The research community uses the iRIS Institutional Review Board system to submit protocols for research studies that involve human subjects to the Duke Medicine IRB for review. New studies and their related amendments, renewals, safety events and closure reports are routed, reviewed, and finalized in iRIS.

Status:  In Production
Support: IRB Assistance


OnCore is the Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) developed by Forte Research Systems that supports clinical research activities at Duke by providing enhanced clinical research study management, robust reporting, enrollment tracking, and accurate clinical research billing.

Status:   In Production
Support: OnCore Assistance

Basic Sciences Applications


The CoreResearch Shared Resources module provides an enterprise informatics system that manages scheduling and billing for Shared Resources across the institution. The Biobank module provides a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that manages and tracks research samples.

Status:   In Production
Support: Joe McClean

Data and Analytics

Duke Data Service (DDS)

Duke Data Service provides a unified interface for accessing tiered storage across the University, depending on investigator's needs (e.g. availability, redundancy, cost). This custom service will provide a platform for researchers to perform agile and effective data science via a centralized data storage and provenance service.

  • a service that helps investigators describe the provenance of their data
  • share research with collaborators via URIs with fine-grained ACLs
  • search for data based on provenance metadata
  • externalize URIs for publications
  • educational activities that help SOM researchers and administrators develop best practices in research data management
  • tools that help investigators and administrators understand data resource utilization
  • utilize FRDS APIs for creating applications
  • just as data will be "containerized" with URIs and a standardized API, compute environments (often a stumbling block with reproducibility) will be containerized using Docker.io technology.

Status:   In Production
Support: April Feickert

Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE)

The Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE) provides a full function, high capacity environment for analyzing data. PACE is available to Duke researchers and external collaborators; where appropriate, PHI can be housed in an environment that meets best practice standards for data protection covering HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and FISMA.

Status:  In Development
Support: James Fayson 


Using REDCap's streamlined process for rapidly developing projects, you may create and design projects using 1) the online method from your web browser using the Online Designer; and/or 2) the offline method by constructing a 'data dictionary' template file in Microsoft Excel, which can be later uploaded into REDCap. Both surveys and databases (or a mixture of the two) can be built using these methods.

Status:  In Production
Support: REDCap Assistance