Duke Data Service

Duke Data Service (DukeDS) is a flexible, investigator-friendly information technology services that facilitates the association of data provenance for simple and complex scientific workflows. It provides a secure, central data store that allows researchers to use their own hardware (e.g. laptops, workstations, and mobile device) to have local access to their data. DukeDS provides a web interface for designated research team members to administer fine-grained user access, upload and download files, manage project contents, and much more!

What does this mean for the research community?

DukeDS will--

  • enable investigators to share data with approved team members across campus or around the world
  • allow the research community to access data used in publications via an URIs (web link)
  • support educational activities that help SOM researchers and administrators develop best practices in research data management
  • assist investigators and administrators to address data resources in a strategic manner
  • provide formal Data Provenance Model recommended by the W3C to support data reproducibility

Furthermore, DukeDS can handle files of any size (even TB+), automate data storage and delivery, and organize scientific data.


What does this mean for developers and integrators?

DukeDS is an open source, service base platform that exposes standardized APIs.  DukeDS APIs can make it easier to connect legacy applications and lab equipment, automate data handling using standard web interfaces (JSON), and DukeDS APIs are accessible to all your favorite languages: Python, Ruby, shell scripts, etc.