The School of Medicine Faculty and Staff RCR Program: 

The Duke School of Medicine Faculty and Staff RCR Program strengthens our foundation in research integrity and ethics and requires all faculty and staff engaged in research to participate in ongoing Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training.

The RCR training requirement for SoM faculty and staff is to complete one online self-directed course (RCR 100) every three years and one collaborative face-to-face program (RCR 200) every three years. Use the buttons below to learn more about the course offerings:


  Hyperlink to RCR 100 level courses              Hyperlink to RCR 200 level courses  


The RCR requirements for School of Nursing faculty and staff are different from those of the School of Medicine. Click the blue button below for information and links specific to School of Nursing RCR.


School of Nursing RCR