Our Mission:

To build a strong support system for researchers by promoting a culture of scientific integrity, improving data management practices, developing educational materials, and organizing outreach activities that engage and support the School of Medicine scientific community. 

Our office collaborates with departmental research laboratories, core facilities, and shared resources to:  

  • Review and assist with the development of data management practices to establish an effective laboratory culture, including training for laboratory staff in data management/data provenance principles; 
    • Provide feedback on current Data Management Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); 
    • Assist with the development of Science Culture and Accountability Plans (SCAPs); 

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We are reaching out to individual laboratories to learn as much as possible about the current research environment within the School of Medicine so that we can share common strategies that have worked well and develop new strategies for novel experimental workflows

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The School of Medicine Faculty and Staff RCR programs are available now.

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