The Research Integrity Office (RIO) at the Duke University School of Medicine provides services to faculty, staff, internal Duke Offices, and external organizations to ensure quality review, management, and reporting of conflict of interest (COI) as appropriate.

Individuals whose Duke work means that they must report their external financial interests are responsible for maintaining a current and accurate disclosure form with RIO. Disclosure forms must be updated within 30 calendar days of discovering, acquiring or establishing any new significant financial interests or changes in any existing significant financial interests that might reasonably be related to their Duke responsibilities.

Failure to fully and accurately disclose financial interests, to maintain a current accurate disclosure form or to follow federal, sponsor or institutional requirements related to COI may result in disciplinary action.

 Reporting Thresholds

Requests for information concerning significant financial interest related to PHS-funded research disclosed to the institution can be made by email to or by written request to:

Research Integrity Office
DUMC Box 2704
Durham, NC 27710

The request must include the grant number and/or the title of the grant; and the name of each investigator for which the information is being requested.