Logo of Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine Program

The Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine Program is a 9 month program (September to May) in which PhD candidates and postdoctoral associates who are studying basic sciences gain hands-on experience in clinical areas related to their field of research. 


Each participant will be in one of four tracks:

  • Duke Scholars in Infectious Diseases (DSID)
  • Duke Scholars in Neurosciences (DSNS)
  • Duke Scholars in Oncology and Regenerative Medicine (DSOR)
  • Duke Scholars in Endocrine and Cardiometabolic Disease (DSEC)

In each track, participants will have a range of experiences including clinical exposure in clinics and the hospital, a case conference series, a clinical trial-oriented journal club, and a special seminar series in which the groups will interact with accomplished translational scientists who have gone bedside-to-bench. Through these experiences, trainees will gain a first hand view of clinical problems that can be addressed through basic and translational research. 

The intent of the program is to enhance the training experience of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows without detracting from their major endeavors in the laboratory. The program commitments are time focused but rich in experience. This program also builds important translational bridges between the basic science laboratories and clinical programs. 

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