Stephen G. Lisberger, PhD

Chair: Stephen G. Lisberger, PhD

Senior Business Manager: Rhonda Daly



Office:  Bryan Research Building
Campus PO Box: 3209

The Department of Neurobiology aims to further our understanding of the brain and its role in health and disease through research and through fostering a collaborative community to educate the future leaders of neurobiology. Research topics include how neural circuits create behavior, the cellular and molecular mechanisms that make brain cells function and adapt, and the mechanisms of brain development. The department is composed of 20 primary faculty members and 51 secondary faculty members. The interdepartmental Graduate Training Program in Neurobiology provides a robust training environment for 66 PhD students. The department works closely with faculty from the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS), other basic science departments, and relevant clinical departments to mentor 68 postdoctoral associates.

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