OCA Faculty & Staff

The OCA team is comprised of a group of talented professionals. Although each member brings his/her own education, experience, strengths and skills, the key feature of this team is their ability to come together and work across teams to get the work of curriculum delivery done. The majority of the staff can be found on the third floor of Seeley Mudd, while others are on the third and fifth floors of Trent Semans Center. Please feel free to call on any one of us with questions or concerns. Our office is open from 8:00am - 4:30pm except we will close at 3:00pm on Fridays in June and July.




Ed Buckley, MD, Vice Dean for Education; Chair of Ophthalmology (3009 Trent Semans Center)






Aditee Narayan, MD, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs; Professor of Pediatrics (3010 Trent Semans Center)




Assistant Deans


Matt Velkey, PhD, Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education  (0321, 3rd Floor, Seeley Mudd)




Nancy Knudsen, MD, Associate Dean for Learning Environment and Well-being (1075 Trent Semans Center)






  Saumil Chudgar, MD, MSEd Assistant Dean for Clinical Education; Associate Professor of Medicine (1075 Trent Semans Center)





Deborah Engle, EdD, MS, Assistant Dean for Assessment and Evaluation; Associate Professor of the Practice of Medical Education 

Implementation, coordination and support for assessment activities; survey/evaluation design; statistical analysis and reporting; and educational research (374 Seeley Mudd)



OCA Administration

Amy Ward, MA, Director

Oversees the OCA staff and resources ensuring that all pieces are in place to deliver the medical school curriculum (376 Seeley Mudd)




Qiana Robertson, MBA, Staff Specialist

Assistant to the Director, OCA Receptionist and assists with curriculum initiatives, first year programs, pagers, scrubs access and lockers (361A Seeley Mudd)



Justin Hudgins, Administrative Coordinator

Responsible for all financial and budgetary aspects of the OCA (380 Seeley Mudd)




Karen Tesoriero, Administrative Assistant

Supports Vice Dean for Education and Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs  (3012 Trent Semans Center)




Victoria Grossman, Administrative Assistant

Supports the Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and the Assistant Dean for the Learning Environment; Coordinates all activities of the CELE program.  (1075 TSCHE)



Assessment & Evaluation

Deborah Engle, EdD, MS, Assistant Dean for Assessment and Evaluation; Associate Professor of the Practice of Medical Educaiton

Implementation, coordination and support for assessment activities; survey/evaluation design; and statistical analysis and reporting. (374 Seeley Mudd)




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Joe Cawley, Senior Program Coordinator  

Coordinates assessment activities, including exams, course evaluations, course reviews, and Team-Based Learning events.  Supports the Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs with LCME accreditation requirements. (364 Seeley Mudd)


Mary Katherine Benson, Staff AssistantMary Katherine Benson, Program Coordinator

Generates course evaluation reports based on student feedback. (365 Seeley Mudd)



Kamara Carpenter, Program Coordinator  

Generates course evaluation reports based on student feedback.  (0375 Seeley Mudd)



Clinical Skills Program

Kelly Branford, Director

Standardized Patient program coordinator; Clinical skills lab manager. (5017 Trent Semans Center)




Daniel Sipp, Training Coordinator 

Standardized Patient assistant trainer. (5075 Trent Semans Center)



 Nathan Logan, Staff Specialist 

 Coordinates use of clinical skills lab and use of Learning Space. (5018 Trent Semans Center)



Steve Scott, Staff Assistant  

Coordinates use of clinical skills lab and use of Learning Space. (5019 Trent Semans Center)





Tracey Reynolds, Staff Specialist  

Coordinates use of clinical skills lab and use of Learning Space. (5019 Trent Semans Center)



Duke NUS

Sulochana Naidoo, PhD, Associate Director, Global Education for Duke-NUS  

Responsible for all areas related to undergraduate medical education between Duke University School of Medicine and Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore), including   curriculum, advising and supporting Duke-NUS students at Duke, admissions, recruitment, and compliance with accreditation requirements.(1075A Trent Semans Center)



Mike Eudy, Learning Technology Manager  

Acts as Technology Liaison Between Duke University School of Medicine and our sister school Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. Ensures all Duke-Durham curriculum is shared with Duke-NUS. (355 Seeley Mudd)




Vacant, Video Producer/Director 

VAP production, content management and video production services for patient encounter scenarios. Material sent to Duke-NUS. (389A Seeley Mudd)


Vacant,  Staff Specialist  

Assistant to the Associate Director. Assists with coordination of education program between Duke-Durham and Duke-NUS. (1075D Trent Semans Center)



Jennifer Carbrey, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Cell Biology

Human Structure and Function Course Director; Molecules Cells and Tissues Course Coordinator-Molecules & Cells Course Director- Presenter, coordinator and longitudinal support of team based learning; Teaches in Molecules Cells and Tissues course and Human Structure and Function Course; Provides longitudinal support of Team Based Learning activities in MS1 year activities. (454 Sands)


J. Matthew Velkey, PhD, Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education and Assistant Professor for Cell Biology

Provides coordination and longitudinal support throughout first year courses. (0321, 3rd floor, Seeley Mudd)



 Jamie Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Medical Education (379 Seeley Mudd)





  Nicole Stringham, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Medical Education (363 Seeley Mudd)

  Assisting in MS1 year as post-doctoral fellow.




Patricia SierraltaPatricia Loftin, Staff Specialist 
Assists faculty in administering all aspects of the biomedical curriculum



Wet Labs

Mike Eudy, Laboratory Manager  

Manage and oversee laboratory spaces in the Trent Semans Center for Health Education; oversee safety and compliance of specimens and preparation processes  (355 Seeley Mudd)



Lakeshia Whitted, Staff Specialist 

Orders and keeps track of lab materials; sets up labs; and assists in gross organ use and preservation. (355 Seeley Mudd)






Kamara Carpenter, Program Coordinator 

General assistance with second year curricular programs and student compliance. (0375 Seeley Mudd)




Sherry Burton, Program Coordinator 

Coordinates third year curricular requirements including the scholarly experience; supports faculty Director, study program directors, and mentors; and acts as resource to students. (377 Seeley Mudd)




Heather Lloyd, Staff Specialist 

Assists third-year Program Coordinator in all activities related to the scholarly experience. (389 Seeley Mudd)




Longitudinal Clinical Skills Foundation

Marianne Drexler, Sr. Program Coordinator 

Implements course curriculum for Clinical Skills Foundation 1, 2, and 3. (0378 Seeley Mudd)




  Dustin Champion, Staff Specialist

  Assists Course Directors and Senior Program Coordinator to implement and execute longitudinal courses. 


Alternative Tracks

Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT) & Longitudinal Integrated Curriculum (LIC)


Melissa Graham, Program Coordinator 

Coordinates all aspects of unique longitudinal clerkship for smaller cohort of students during the MS2 year and coordinates all aspects of the four-year PCLT program from recruitment to graduation. (389B Seeley Mudd)