Year 4 - Clinical Electives

The final year of the curriculum is mainly “elective” and can be tailored according to students’ specific career goals. Students must complete 28 hours including the following three requirements:

  • Sub-Internship- The four-week “Sub-I” is an in-depth experience where students have additional responsibilities that mirror that of being an intern or resident. Students generally select sub-internships in the field in wish they plan to do their residency. It is designed to provide an opportunity for the student to experience the full responsibility of patient care (under supervision) in their area of interest. There are approximately 20 Sub-Internships from which to choose.
  • Acute Care Requirement- All students are required to do one elective in critical care and there are over 10 courses that meet this elective requirement. All students, regardless of which course is taken, must complete the “Core Curriculum” component as well. This is a standard curriculum that meets 5 times during the course of the Critical Care Elective and uses high-fidelity simulation to teach the core concepts in critical care.
  • Capstone Course- All students must complete a longitudinal Capstone course that teaches important information and tools to prepare them for their first year of residency. The course occurs in March and coincides with Match Day. Topics covered include clinical skills, ethical issues, professionalism, communication skills, advanced basic science principles, medical/legal issues, health systems, patient safety and self-care.