Community Partners Program

Students Visiting Patients with Chronic Illnesses


What is the Community Partners Program?

A program to help Duke University medical students understand how people and their families deal with chronic illness. 


What is the purpose of the program?Community Partners Flyer

It  allows students to:

  • Understand how people live with chronic illness
  • Understand the challenges people may have with the health care system


When will students visit you?

  • Community Partners will meet with their group of 2-3 students 3 times with meetings scheduled at your convenience:
  • Fall – first visit
  • Winter – Jan. – Feb.
  • Spring – before mid-May 

Where will the visits take place?

Visits will take place at a place you choose—and one that will allow for a private talk. 


Is my information confidential?

Yes, your information is strictly private. Students will treat your information as confidentially as your physician does.


What is my role during the visit?

Talk with your group of students for approximately an hour on 3 separate occasions. We value your participation in this program, however, we under­stand circumstances change. You may stop participating in this program at any time. Please contact us if you no longer wish to be a part of the program.


What is the student’s role during the visit?

Students will have a task for each visit such as:

  • Ask you to describe your health issues and concerns
  • Talk about how your health affects your life such as daily activities, services that you use to make your life better, and other topics about your illness you want to discuss.
  • Your medical student group will not provide medical care or advice. 

How do I participate?