Teaching Tips


This page has teaching tips from the frontlines and from the health professions education literature.

Try it Out! 

Highlight your teaching! 


Often, teaching is not recognized during rounds.  So, try this....

1. Aggressive questioning can create a negative learning environment, yet most of us were trained with the Socratic method. Here are keys to successful use of the Socratic method:

  •  Ask students a question---If the answer feels “wrong” to you, ask them to “tell you more” ---learn what they are thinking.
  •  Begin additional questioning at the point the student knows and proceed from there

2. Set the climate for the day by asking your team what they are doing today; let them know what you are doing.  “What is going on today?  Does anyone have clinic today?  Are student’s in lecture today?  I have a meeting from 1-2pm today.”

3. Ask the team one topic they learned and/or covered caring for the previous patient as you walk from one room to the next.  This shows you what the team 'heard' and also spotlights that teaching is occurring

4. Each day, assign one team member to the task of writing down teaching points during rounds.  At the end of rounds, have that individual read off the list of topics that were covered. You'll be surprised how much you covered and so will your students!


From the Literature: 

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