Mistreatment: how to report, process after report and follow-up

This link, Click Here, will provide a detailed explanation of the process from filing a report, review at CATL Committee, and follow up with outcomes.

How to report mistreatment:

Students are encouraged to report mistreatment that occurs in their courses and in their clinical education.  There are multiple ways to report mistreatment, including:

  • Central Reporting Process (tracked, monitored and reviewed by CATL Committee Meeting, outcome shared with students on a delayed basis- see below)
  • Other Reporting Process (these reports are not tracked, monitored or reviewed by CATL Committee and outcomes are not shared)

What happens when we report mistreatment?

The formal process for adjudicating mistreatment occurs through the committee for the appropriate treatment of learners (CATL).  This committee meets monthly, or sooner if an egregious report is filed, and reviews all reports from the AERS submitted the preceding month.  Students may indicate if they would like to delay release of a AERS report to the CATL committee. The seriousness of reports informs the decision making by the CATL committee.

Click Here for a mock video of CATL process

Followup/outcomes on mistreatment

The SOM reports rates of mistreatment to the learning community every 3-6 months via Dr. Ed Buckley’s blog and at the Annual Duke SOM Student Research Symposium. 

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