Learning Environment

The purpose of this office is to ensure that students attending Duke University School of Medicine are educated in an environment that provides mutual respect between student and teacher while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and providing patient centered delivery of care while supporting the learner.

To ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, this office is working with Graduate Medical Education, Hospital administration, Departmental Leadership and Nursing to make the learners feel more welcome in the health system, breakdown “silos” between these groups and promote caring for our patients, their loved ones and each other as we strive to become ONE DUKE.

Ongoing projects from within this office include: 

  1. Mistreatment-how to report, process after report and follow-up  
  2. Learning Advisory Committee 
  3. “Cele”brate the Positive 
  4. Responsibilities of Students and Faculty 
  5. Education Leadership Walk Rounds 
  6. Wellness Resources
  7. Clinical Learning Environment