Health(y) System Habits


Focus on these teaching topics each day!  Only takes 30 seconds.

We will be launching this campaign across departments and clerkships and potentially even the health system.  The goal is to focus on similar topics, across professions within patient care, regardless of specialty every day.  Feel free to submit topics/articles/statements so we can share them with others.  The topics will include:




Icon - Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday:   A focus on safety.  What's one things we did today to make care safer?  Was there a near miss?  What could we do differently to avoid these?

Icon - Teamwork Tuesday

Teamwork Tuesday: 

Ask Clarifying Questions: source: Clinical assessment form - When student’s are rated as needing improvement in teamwork, the number one place checked across rotations is on “asking clarifying questions” from team members.  If you see this happen with someone, point it out in real time so they can improve.

Effective use of your team’s strengths: sources: Business School, Nursing Education, and Office of Curricular Affairs

When working with a team, what is your strength?  What is your teammate’s strength?  Some schools (like the B school) create teams by including people with different strengths and weaknesses and then having teams learn to work with others who have different styles.  One method is DISC---Who are you? Who are the people on your team?  How can you work better together?  Descriptors taken from:

Dominance: “Person places emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence, is a developer, results oriented, inspirational and creative person; needs to expend more energy on patience, sensitivity, the details, allowing time for deliberation.  When communicating with them, be brief, focus discussion, don’t make generalizations, refrain from repeating yourself and focus on solutions not problems.”

Influence: “Person places emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness, relationships.  Is energizing, pioneering, affirming; needs to expend more energy researching the facts, speaking directly and candidly, staying focused for long periods of time and follow through. When communicating with them, allow them time to ask questions, focus on the positives, avoid overloading them and don’t interrupt.”

Steadiness: “Person places emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, dependability; Is inclusive, humble, affirming. Needs to expend more energy on adapting quickly to change or unclear expectations, multi-tasking, promoting themselves and confronting others. When communicating with them, be personal and friendly, express interest in them, take time to clarify, be polite, avoid confrontation or rudeness.”

Conscientiousness: Person places emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise, competency. Is deliberate, humble, resolute; needs to expend more energy on letting go and delegating tasks, compromise for the good of the team, joining in social events and celebrations, and making quick decisions. When communicating with them, focus on the facts and details, minimize PEP talk or emotional language, be patient, persistent and diplomatic.

Icon - Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday:  A focus on knowledge.  What's one fact each of you learned today?  Share them with each other...

Icon - Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday:  A focus on gratitude.  Within or outside of the health professions, what is one that about which you are grateful.  Share with your team.

Icon - Fast Forward Friday

Fast Forward Friday: A focus on feedback and improvement.  What's one thing we did well this week that we want to do again next week?  What's one thing we should do differently?