Clinical Education

Students in the Anatomy Lab

The purpose of this office is to ensure that students graduating from Duke University School of Medicine are competent for clinical practice at the level of an intern, mostly with indirect supervision by faculty. 

To ensure adequate training, this office is working to increase exposure to clinical problems in the first year of medical school, set students up for success on clinical rotations, improve consistency across clinical rotations, foster formative feedback and a safe learning environment, and improve bedside teaching of clinical staff and teaching faculty.

Ongoing projects from within this office include:

  1. Education Leadership Walk Rounds 
  2. Rounding Observations 
  3. Anatomy Correlations 
  4. Formative OSCEs
  5. Clinical Training Committee redesign
  6. Documentation within Maestro/Epic:
  • Health System Effort - As of August 20, 2018 and in accordance the Center for Medicare and Medicaid policy, the Duke University School of Medicine allows student documentation to be use for fee for service encounters.
  • Student Initiative to Improve Maestro: Representatives from the Davison Council work along with the Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and DHTS to improve processes within Epic. 

    7. Student Lead Services Related Projects

Clinical Skills Foundation: Physical Exam Week 2019

Students in Physical Exam week