Social Health

Interprofessional Education Activities
Students participate in a series of activities with students from the nursing school, physician’s assistant school, and physical therapy school to meet students from other schools and begin working with them during the first weeks of medical school. 

Stitches Humor Magazine
Stitches is the official humor periodical of the Duke University School of Medicine.  It focuses on the lighter side of life as a medical student, and it is kind of like The Onion for medical school, only not nearly as good.

students celebrating a basketball game

Duke Basketball
Students can camp out for a weekend to get season tickets to Duke basketball games and then attend the games with friends. 

CSF/CSC Groups Social Events
Every Clinical Skills group has a budget for social activities and dinners with their group.

Advisory Dean Lunch Groups and Dinners
Advisory dean’s groups meet for weekly lunches during first year, as well as dinners at the end of Normal Body and Body and Disease. They also meet for dinners during second year, every eight week rotation.

Multicultural Resource Center & Diversity and Inclusion Events

Big-Sib/Little-Sib Program
All first-year students are assigned a second-year student who they can turn to for advice throughout the year. 

Peer-to-Peer Advising
Students can anonymously talk to older students on the phone at any hour of the day. They can also become peer advisers for other students.

DukeMed Pride
DukeMed Pride is a student organization dedicated to providing a supportive environment for LGBTQI students and their allies, working to promote the visibility of the LGBTQI community within the medical school and enacting events that allow our peers to learn about the community and caring for LGBTQI patients.

Latino Medical Student Association
The goals of the Latino Medical Student Association is to unify all medical students who show interest in the advancement of Latinos in the US, to provide a voice for under-represented medical students, to actively promote recruitment and retention of Latino students at all levels, to educate medical students on Latino health issues, to advocate for the rights of Latinos in health care, to provide leadership opportunities for Latinos, and to promote volunteerism in the Latino community

Major Groove
Major Groove is Duke’s only all-med student a cappella group. They rehearse weekly and perform throughout the Duke and Durham community.

Duke Med Orchestra
The Duke Medicine Orchestra strives to unite members of the Duke healthcare system and broader community in the pursuit of musical excellence and cultural enrichment, to inspire and renew its audiences and members.

cooking classesCooking Classes
Chili cook-offs are a long-held Duke Med tradition that has been passed on to other classes as a series of potlucks and healthy cooking classes through the Food in Medicine interest groups.

Advisory Dean Decorating
The advisory dean lounges are spaces where students have weekly lunches with their advisory dean and members of their deans group. Students can also relax and study there after hours, and are encouraged to renovate and redecorate them with members of their dean’s group as they see fit.

Student Faculty Show
Students and faculty together put on a musical that both mocks medical life and a Broadway play on which it is based. 

Advisory Dean Olympics
Students compete annually to win points for their Dean’s group in a series of events that range from the Medical Decathalon to an infamous game of Capture the Flag

Medical Families Day
Parents experience a day in the life of a med student and students watch their parents experience an MMI, perform surgery, interview patients, and participate in a TBL.  

Medical Alumni Weekend
Medical alumni visit for an annual reunion with each other and an opportunity to  meet medical students   

Photoreceptors: DukeMed Photography Group
Photoreceptors aims to provide a creative outlet for photography enthusiasts of all levels.