Intellectual Health

Duke Gardens


Curricular Content related to health/wellness:
Workshops on wellness in the curriculum include an orientation presentation on resilience, a wellness Session in MS1 Clinical Skills Foundation, a resilience session in MS2 Clinical Skills Course, an integrative Medicine Fair in Capstone Course, and a capstone sessions on Wellness topics

Dr. Bonner (academic resource consultant) and tutoring program
The academic resource consultant and tutoring program are available to help students get everything they can from the DukeMed Curriculum. 

Academic advising by Advisory Deans
Advisory deans are always available to meet with students. They meet with their advisees once per week in lunch groups, and once per semester one-on-one.

Library Resources
Books and computer and technology resources are available through the Duke library system.

Career Interest Groups
From the haunted emergency department to the pediatric physical exam training to OB/Gyn and surgical skills sessions, there are events throughout the year related to all the medical specialties. Dinners with residents and attendings of all specialties are also advertised throughout the year. 

Duke Med Engage
Duke Med Engage provides structure and support for individuals or groups of students who are interested in service, research and/or clinical work by helping them connect with mentors and create projects – local or global. For those projects that require financial resources, students are encouraged to apply to become Duke Med Engage award recipients to receive funding.

VOICES is a student-run biannual magazine publishes creative expressions of students and individuals in the Duke medical community.

Public Policy Interest Group
The public policy interest group discusses the complex and delicate decisions involving energy supply, educational opportunities, foreign intervention/aid, fractional reserve banking, political campaign financing,

Business and Policy in Medicine
The focus of this group is to explore the relationship between business, modern policy, and medicine and to equip members with the skills necessary to excel in our changing health system.

HEYDurham! facilitators teach critical health topics to high schools students that they may not get from their parents with a curricular focus on sexual health, mental health, and nutrition.