Duke / Duke-NUS Innovation Collaboration Pilot Projects Request for Proposals September 3, 2019

Duke University and Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) are pleased to announce a call for proposals for collaborative bio-engineering pilot projects between faculty based in Durham and those based in Singapore. The ultimate goal of this program is the development of international innovation teams that advance translational and clinical medical technologies towards commercialization. For purposes of this RFP, medical technology is defined as application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, procedures and information technology systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives.

Awards will support novel ideas, applied research, potential products, nascent services and creative projects that if successful, will lead to new opportunities in the market. To receive funding, projects must demonstrate a potential path to subsequent financial support, new company formation, licensing, not-for-profit partnering or other channels to enable translation. Applications will be evaluated according to the scientific merit of the proposal, the strength and clarity of the collaboration between the Duke and Duke-NUS Co-PIs, and the future potential for commercialization.

For each selected project, an initial investment of up to USD50,000 will be made available to split between the Duke PI and Duke-NUS PI. The PIs will determine the allocation based on the percentage of work done at each site.  Awards are for 12-months. No extensions will be granted. Funding not spent within 12 months of awards must be returned. 

At the end of 12 months, each awarded project will be invited to present their progress to the selection committee through a live event. The selection committee will then award an additional USD100,000 to selected projects seen as having excellent potential for receiving external funds for accelerated pre-market submission, as defined by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Application Instructions:

Letter of Intent: Faculty interested in submitting a proposal should upload your file (formatted as a single PDF file), at: https://tinyurl.com/y6h5jqxs  by September 20, 2019 a one-page letter of intent describing the general nature of the proposed project and key personnel names with attached NIH-style Biographical Sketches (see below) or 2-page NMRC CVs of the Principal Investigators from Duke and Duke-NUS. For the purpose of this award: 

  • Duke-NUS faculty are defined as based primarily in Singapore and holding Duke-NUS appointments as Assistant Professor or above. 
  • Duke-NUS faculty include investigators in SingHealth who hold an Adjunct appointment with Duke-NUS. 
  • Duke faculty must hold a regular rank Duke appointment at the Assistant Professor level or above. 

Descriptions of current programs in Singapore 

SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property   
Duke-NUS Centre for Technology and Development 
Duke-NUS Signature Research Programs  
SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programs 

Information on programs in Durham 

Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures 
Duke Institute for Health Innovation 
Duke Innovations and Entrepreneurship

  • Completed application: Letters of Intent will be reviewed for consistency with the purposes of this collaborative innovation pilot program, and invitations to submit full proposals will be sent by October 22, 2019 to those applicants judged to be most competitive. Full proposals will be due December 20, 2019 and should include:
  • Title page listing participating faculty and their respective roles in the project
  • Abstract of 150 words or less describing the project
  • Project summary of 2000 words or less (not including citations), addressing the selection criteria.
  • Figures (up to 3)
  • Biographical Sketches for participating Duke faculty. Please use the “NIH Biographical Sketch Form”.
  • A sample bio sketch 
  • Duke-NUS faculty may use the 2-page NMRC CV Template instead of the NIH Biographical Sketch Form, if they prefer.
  • Budget preparation:  The maximum award for a project is USD50,000 to be shared between the two PIs. However, the actual budgets requested in the proposal should be in USD for the Duke PI and in SGD for the Duke-NUS PI. When preparing the Duke-NUS component of the budget, the Duke-NUS PI is to convert his / her portion of the shared USD50,000 to SGD.
  • Budget for Duke component to include:
    • Personnel (Note: Stipends (but not tuition) for graduate students is allowed).
    • Note: PI salary is capped at 10% of total effort up to the NIH cap.
    • Equipment/prototype development
    • Other and Supplies​
    • IRB fees
    • Indirect Cost (8% of Direct Cost
  •  Budget for Duke-NUS component* to include:
    • EOM (Expenditure on Manpower)
    • Note: Funds cannot be used for support of the PI’s salary.
    • OOE (Other Operating Expenses)
    • Note: Up to SGD5,000 can be budgeted for travel support for the PI or research personnel who are working on the project.
    • Equipment/prototype development
    • Note: Any single equipment purchase in excess of SGD5,000 (inclusive of GST) will require separate approval at the time of award.

      *Budget and Expenditures for Duke-NUS components should be in accordance with the Duke-NUS prevailing financial and procurement guidelines.

Selection Process for New Awards: Proposals will be peer reviewed and applicants will be notified of funding decisions. We anticipate announcing awards by January 10, 2020 for an award start date of February 1, 2020 Live presentation will be scheduled for 12-months following the award start date.]

LOIs or Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file. Please upload your file at: https://tinyurl.com/y6h5jqxs.

If you have any problems with the upload please contact Patricia Joseph at patricia.joseph@duke.edu