About the LIC

Exciting Update! Building on the success of the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, all students in the incoming 2023-2024, except those applying for the Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT), will participate in our newly created 16-week PIONEER experience.

Duke's innovative 16-week PIONEER experience

Duke's Primary Care Leadership - a 4 year program emphasizing primary and family medicine as well as leadership development.


Overview of the Four Years:

Year One

Students will complete the first-year Duke science curriculum and the Clinical Skills Foundation course with traditional students.  Interested students will apply for LIC admission during the first year.

Year Two

LIC students have a 12-month experience with an 8 month longitudinal component and focused inpatient experiences.  Longitudinal components will include experiences in adult medicine, family medicine and primary care, pediatrics, and surgery and each student will be paired with a primary preceptor for each of these areas. Students will also complete a longitudinal mental health seminar. Emergency medicine and acute care medicine will be offered in urgent care, and standard and high acuity emergency medicine settings. Students will complete 4 weeks of radiology with a 4th year radiology elective requirement to finish. Students will have 4 months of inpatient immersion experiences throughout the areas of psychiatry, neurology, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Students will complete a longitudinal seminar. Students will have additional exposure to coursework in community engagement, cultural competence, health literacy, quality-improvement, and health policy and global health. Finally, students will complete the clinical skills courses as required for traditional Duke SOM students.

Year Three

Traditional research year followed by all students.

Year Four

LIC students will choose from a variety of electives available to all students. There is a required two-week radiology selective based on student interest.