Molecular Medicine (MolMed) - Translational Pharmacology

This interdepartmental study program is designed to provide third year medical students with an in-depth translational research experience in drug development and early-stage clinical drug testing.  Faculty in the study program either are or have been engaged in preclinical drug development or in Phase I/IIA clinical testing.  The program is directed at students potentially interested in making drug development a component of their future career.  Faculty members in this study track come from numerous departments, including Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Neurobiology, Medicine, Pediatrics, Radiation Oncology, Anesthesiology, Radiology, Surgery, and Biomedical Engineering.  Students who elect this study program either undertake a research project in a laboratory under the guidance of a faculty preceptor or design and execute a component of a Phase I/IIA clinical trial.  Students are expected to view the Principles of Clinical Pharmacology course offered online by the NIH Clinical Center and to participate in presentations and discussions of issues discussed in this course as their time permits.  In addition, with the permission of their mentor and study program director, students may take course work each term to complement their research interests.  Due to the wide range of research opportunities available, course work is individually tailored to the interests of the student by the faculty preceptor.

MolMed TP Faculty Mentors