Molecular Medicine (MolMed) - Oncological Sciences Track

This interdepartmental study program is designed to provide third year medical students with an in-depth basic science or translational research experience in oncological science. Faculty in the study program are engaged in investigating oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, growth factors, chromosomal abnormalities, cellular invasion and metastases, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, tumor hypoxia, tumor angiogenesis, chemical/radiation/viral carcinogenesis, biologic and immunotherapy principles, radiobiology and hyperthermic oncology, and the pharmacology of cancer chemotherapy. The program is directed at students potentially interested in a career in oncology and cancer research. Faculty members in this study track come from numerous departments, including Medicine, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology, Pathology, and Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. Students who elect this study program undertake a research project in a laboratory under the guidance of a faculty preceptor and participate in appropriate seminar series. In addition, with the permission of their mentor and study program director, students may take course work each term to complement their research interests. Due to the wide range of research opportunities available, course work is individually tailored to the interests of the student by the faculty preceptor.

MolMed OST Faculty Mentors