Global Health (GHSP)

The Global Health Study Program (GHSP) was approved in February 2008 to meet the growing demand from Duke medical students for a centralized resource for information, mentors, funding, and research opportunities related to Global Health (GH). In collaboration with the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI), the GHSP facilitates connections for students with research opportunities at Duke’s GH field sites, including international partners and locations offering appropriate opportunities. The Institute focuses on seven signature research initiatives with global reach. The program also connects students to Duke faculty with GH expertise, such as those whose research focuses on infectious diseases, epidemiology, clinical microbiology, translational medicine and social science.  The GH Study Program, as with all Third Year Study Programs, requires a thesis that demonstrates quantitative expertise, regardless of the discipline chosen.  Students will work with a project mentor, usually a Duke Faculty member, to develop and conduct research that is of benefit both to the community collaborator and to the educational goals of the student. DGHI and SOM collaborate to provide pre-departure orientation and academic support while students are engaged in their work.  For more information, please contact the GH Third Year Study Program Coordinator.

NOTE: Students wishing to conduct research at an international site that is not related to global health and/or health disparities, or who would be best mentored under another study program, may find more appropriate mentorship through another Third Year Study Program.

Limited funding will be available for Third Year students undertaking research projects related to global health. While preference will be given to students participating in the GH Study Program and working at DGHI field sites, all relevant proposals will be considered. Global Health funding opportunities for Third Year for Medical Students are found here. Please contact the GH Third Year Study Program Coordinator to learn more. 

Dual-Degree Option: Master of Science in Global Health

DGHI has developed an interdisciplinary Master of Science in Global Health (MSc-GH) that launched in fall 2009.  The 38-unit curriculum includes six core courses, five electives, a funded 10-week (minimum) field experience to apply learned research methods, and a research-based scholarly thesis. Upon completion of the MSc-GH, graduates will be prepared to engage in clinical, epidemiological, social-behavioral, and policy-oriented research, as well as contribute to the design, implementation, and management of health programs. Each year, the School of Medicine and the Graduate School will grant limited tuition scholarships to at least two students wishing to earn the MSc-GH.  Applicants to the program will be automatically considered for these scholarships when an application for the MSc-GH is submitted to the Graduate School.

For more information and application instructions, please contact DGHI or visit the MSc-GH website
Director: Dennis Clements, M.D., Ph.D.
Lysa MacKeen, MPH: Senior Program Coordinator for Global Health Institute

GHSP Faculty Mentors