Study Program Directors

Daniel T. Laskowitz, M.D., M.H.S. 
Chair, Third Year Committee



Moon, Richard, MD

Anesthesia, Surgery, Environmental Physiology (ASEP);

(Excludes Orthopedic Surgery)

Klitzman, Bruce, PhD

Biomedical Engineering and Surgery (includes Orthopedic SurgeryMD/MEng Dual Degree (BES)

Marx, Christine, MD Behavioral Neurosciences (BSP)
Freedman, Neil, MD Cardiovascular Study Program (CVS)
Chu, Vivian, MD Clinical Research Study Program (CRSP)
Edelman, David, MD Dual Degree (CRTP, MHSc; CTSI, JD, MPP)
Perkins, Jennifer, MD, MBA

Dual Degree (MBA)

Andolsek, Kathryn, MD, MPH Epidemiology and Public Health/Dual Degree MPH (EPH/MPH)
Clements, Dennis, MD, PhD Global Health Study Program (GHSP)
Gbadegesin, Rasheed, M.D Human Genetics and Genomics Study Program (HGSP)

Humphreys, Margaret, MD, PhD

Medical Humanities Study Program (MedHum)

Taylor, Steve, MD Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, and Immunology (MIDIP)

Hsu, David, MD, PhD

Molecular Medicine Study Program (MolMed)

Fecci, Peter, MD and Lascola, Chris, MD, PhD

Neurosciences Study Program (NSS)

Bowes Rickman, Cathy, PhD

Ophthalmology/Visual Sciences Study Program (OVS)

McCall, Shannon J, MD Pathology (PSP)
Tran, Anh, PhD, MPH Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT)

Lo, Joseph, PhD

Crawford, Lawrence , MD

Radiology, Radiation Oncology, and Medical Physics (RROMP)

Dual Degree: Masters of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi)