Study Program Directors


Daniel T. Laskowitz, M.D., M.H.S. 
Chair, Third Year Committee


Director  •  Program


Andolsek, Kathryn, MD, MPH  •   Epidemiology and Public Health/Dual Degree MPH (EPH/MPH)

Bowes Rickman, Cathy, PhD  •  Ophthalmology/Visual Sciences Study Program (OVS)

Chu, Vivian, MD  •   Clinical Research Study Program (CRSP)

Edelman, David, MD  •   Dual Degree (CRTP, MHSc; CTSI, JD, MPP, MSPH)

Engle, Deborah, EdD •  Medical Education Research Program (MERP)

Freedman, Neil, MD  •   Cardiovascular Study Program (CVS)

Gbadegesin, Rasheed, MD  •   Human Genetics and Genomics Study Program (HGSP)

Goodwin, C. Rory MD, PhD  •  Neurosciences Study Program (NSS)

Hsu, David, MD, PhD  •  Molecular Medicine Study Program (MolMed)

Huchko, Megan, MD, MPH  •   Global Health Study Program (GHSP)

Humphreys, Margaret, MD, PhD  •  Medical Humanities Study Program (MedHum)

Klitzman, Bruce, PhD  •   Biomedical Engineering and Surgery (includes Orthopedic SurgeryMD/MEng Dual Degree (BES)

Lo, Joseph, PhD  •  Radiology, Radiation Oncology, and Medical Physics (RROMP)

Marx, Christine, MD  •   Behavioral Neurosciences (BSP)

McCall, Shannon J, MD  •   Pathology (PSP)

Moon, Richard, MD  •  Anesthesia, Surgery, Environmental Physiology (ASEP); (Excludes Orthopedic Surgery)

Schroeder, Rebecca, MD, MMCi • Dual Degree: Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi)

Shah, Kevin, MD, MBA  •  Dual Degree (MBA)

Taylor, Steve, MD  •   Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, and Immunology (MIDIP)

Tran, Anh, PhD, MPH  •   Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT)