Required IRB/IACUC Approval

IRB (Human Subjects):

All students participating in human or animal research at Duke (or away from Duke) must obtain the proper approval (IRB for human research and IACUC for animal research) before they can begin their research.

Please refer to Duke Box for necessary forms. This process does take time so please remember to discuss with your potential mentors initially if they already have an existing protocol or will you need to develop a new one while you are in the process of searching for a research proposal prior to Third Year.

IRB Protocols Submission Instructions (research with Human subjects) 
eIRB Reference Guide for Students and Trainees

IACUC (Vertebrate animal research):

Students working with vertebrates must complete the following two modules:

  • Animal Handlers Part 1 - Regulations Impacting Animal Care and Use
  • Animal Handlers Part 2 – Veterinary Care