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CMB 710 A-F

Modules in the CMB 710 series (A – F) are offered sequentially during the Fall semester and together cover 24 topics. These are the core offerings of the Cell & Molecular Biology Program and allow maximum flexibility for a student-designed curriculum. Four different topics are available during each module and students choose one. Topics reflect the expertise of the corresponding faculty and emphasize either in-depth critical discussion of the primary literature or quantitative/mathematical approaches to addressing biological questions. Each module lasts for 2 weeks, with 3 meetings per week. Students entering through CMB are required to take 6 modules in fall semester of their first year and at least 4 of these modules must be in the CMB 710 series. The other two may be from the UPGEN 778 series. A total of 12 modules are required for the CMB certificate, and 8 of these must be from CMB710. To help you prepare for each module, the instructors have included a listing of required reading that must be completed in advance of the start of each module.

Fall 18 CMB 710 A-F Syllabus


CMB 764

All CMB students participate in the CMB seminar course, CMB 764. This course features an hour-long session in which one advanced student presents his or her research and another advanced student presents an introduction to the upcoming speaker in the Thursday Series. The second hour-long session is the seminar itself, presented by a distinguished visiting scientist (and open to the entire Duke community).

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CMB Elective Courses