PCLT Application Process


PCLT students visiting Dr. Sharon Elliot-Bynum at CAARE, Inc, downtown DurhamPCLT students visiting Dr. Sharon Elliot-Bynum at CAARE, Inc, downtown Durham

Apply to the School of Medicine through the regular admissions process

The Duke portion of the application is completed online. After receiving AMCAS applications, Duke School of Medicine contacts applicants with invitations to access Duke's Supplemental Application and Personal Account System.

In setting up the Personal Account, applicants to PCLT should be sure to check the PCLT box when asked to indicate the program to which they are applying.

Electronic submission of letters of recommendation is preferred—via your premed advisory office and VirtualEvals. Paper letters are accepted, but electronic submission is preferred.

Please note: Any paper letters of recommendation for PCLT applicants should be sent directly to:
  Duke University School of Medicine
  Office of Admissions
  DUMC 3710
  Durham, NC 27710

The Duke application should be completed and submitted as early as possible to facilitate review by both the PCLT and School of Medicine admissions committees.

Interviews of selected candidates are held from early October through the end of February.

PCLT admission decisions are announced simultaneously with School of Medicine Admission decisions.



Applicants must meet the admission requirements as a candidate for the MD degree. Candidates apply for admission to the first year of the program, but a few students may be admitted after completing the first year of Duke University School of Medicine. In addition to the minimal requirements for the School of Medicine, key components in a successful application include demonstrated interest in community health and primary care.

Admission requirements for Duke University School of Medicine

For further information on general School of Medicine admissions procedures, consult the Office of MD Admissions, or contact the School of Medicine admissions office, 919.684.2985, medadm@mc.duke.edu .



PCLT students who match in a primary care field will be eligible for up to $40,000 in loan repayment for loans taken out in the final year of medical school.  Students will be required to submit verification of employment annually for 5 years after graduation.  Students that do not remain in the primary care field will have the funds revert to a loan and be required to repay the funds as a loan.


For more information about the Duke PCLT or your application, Contact:

The Primary Care Leadership Track
Office of Curriculum, Duke University School of Medicine
Box 3899 DUMC
0364 Seeley Mudd
10 Bryan Searle Drive
Durham, NC 27710-3899
Phone: (919) 668-1491

E-mail: susan.rogers@dm.duke.edu