Biomedical PhD Alumni

We are proud of the way Duke graduates bring their training in critical thinking and scientific inquiry to a broad array of professional settings.



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In an effort to better appreciate the diversity of professional outcomes of our alumni, we are conducting a survey of biomedical PhD graduates in partnership with the Duke Alumni Association.

Looking to Connect?

Our alumni share a proud history of training with one of the most successful and prestigious research institutions in the country. Alumni from Duke University can be an invaluable resource for scientific dialogue, networking, and socializing! The sources below house various communities of Duke Alumni with whom you may wish to connect. Check them out or get in touch for help leveraging this valuable resource!


Duke Alumni Association

The DAA brings together alumni from all of Duke's undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. The DAA provides access for all alumni to valuable resources for personal, professional, social and intellectual enrichment.

As of July 2017, student access of the Alumni Directory is not yet active. For more information, please contact the Duke Alumni Association directly.

Faculty and staff who want to access the Duke Alumni Directory need to first fill out a form requesting access.

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Duke Career Center

If you've graduated within the past four years, you're eligible to receive free career counseling courtesy of the experts at Duke's Career Center. The Career Center staffs PhD-trained specialists for alumni of biomedical sciences. Why not schedule a session to brush up on your professional development?

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Duke Alumni Association Career Network

The Duke Alumni Association supports career development for graduates of all years through its online alumni directory, professional affinity networks and career-networking events for Duke alumni around the world.

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LinkedIn for Current Students and Alumni

There are several LinkedIn groups for current students and alumni

LinkedIn: Duke Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
LinkedIn: Duke University Alumni Network
LinkedIn: Duke University Graduate School
LinkedIn: Duke University Medical Physics
LinkedIn: Duke University Neurobiology Alumni
LinkedIn: Duke University Program in Genetics and Genomics



Professional Outcomes Data

The Graduate School provides placement data on graduates from each department across the university, including those in the School of Medicine.

OBGE has curated detailed professional outcomes data for all graduates of our PhD training programs. Links to placement graphics are listed below. When available, additional presentations of outcomes data are also hosted by the individual program websites.


Last revised 26 April 2018
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