What is the Vision for the Duke OTD Curriculum?

Children reading books
As you read about our vision in this section, note particularly how you respond to it intellectually, soulfully, and physiologically.

A vision for the Duke OTD should reflect the commitments of Duke and a desired future in which occupational therapy, as described above, fulfills its potential contributions to society.

Sometimes you will see vision statements that focus on what a curriculum or program will become. We wrote the Duke vision to focus on what we desire for the world—the ideal state that we want the curriculum and its graduates to help shape. The vision is bold and inspirational, broad and audacious. It reads,

We envision an inclusive world where all people flourish through access to and participation in meaningful, health supporting occupations, the activities of everyday life.

Though broad and aspirational, the curriculum will guide you to connect this vision to the day-to-day learning you will do in the program. Through intentional instructional design, we expect that whether making a hand splint or advocating to legislators for mental health reform, you will see your efforts in direct relation to access and participation to meaningful occupation. We expect, too, that this vision will shape how you enact these and all your professional skills.