Weekly Seminar Series

Girls at lunch

Weekly lunches introduce students to the work of the various biomedical science departments. Students of all levels enjoy the exposure to short talks by faculty members across all the basic science departments, but first- and second-year MD students find these talks especially helpful as they explore the various options open to them for their thesis research.

Each department hosts the lunch for a week. Typically two or three faculty members make short remarks about their work, the general focus of the department, and the practices and structure of the PhD program in the department. Ample time is left for questions.

Lunches introducing students to clinical residency departments

Lunches introduce students to the work of the various clinical departments.

Special topic lunches

Occasionally the lunch meetings are devoted to talks of general interest—dealing with such topics as ethical issues, student advising information, and research of particular interest. Students sometimes use these sessions to invite faculty for mentoring conversations.

Lunch with the director

Approximately half the lunches are casual conversations with Director Chris Kontos, and opportunities for students to discuss both general and personal concerns.

Summer pizza lunches (June through August)

Summer lunches are casual and social. Students have pizza and soft drinks; this is a relaxed time to talk with the directors and to catch up with friends and colleagues.


August - June 2020 Lunches
12:00-1:15 pm.
Location (unless otherwise noted): TSCHE Room 4067

Aug 9th: Director's Lunch
Aug 23rd: Lunch with first years, interviewers, steering committee
Aug 30th: First year welcome lunch
Sept 6th: Writing the F-30 - Chris Kontos, MD
Sept 13th: Student Council Town Hall
Sept 20th: Interviews - Student speaker - Alex Vaz
Sept 27th: Interviews - Student speaker - Christian Cerda-Smith
Oct 4th: Interviews - Faculty speaker - Genevieve Fouda, MD, PhD
Oct 11th: Interviews - Student speaker - Jennifer Jenks
Oct 18th: Director's lunch
Oct 25th: Interviews - Faculty speaker - Don Fox, PhD
Nov 1st: Faculty speaker - Andrew West, PhD
Nov 8th: Graduate program fair
Nov 15th: Interviews - Student speaker - Anthony Nguyen
Nov 22nd: Interviews - Student speaker - Brianna Petrone
Nov 29th: no lunch - Thanksgiving
Dec 6th: Interviews - Student speaker - Chris Bassil
Dec 13th: Interviews - Faculty speaker - Derek Southwell, MD, PhD
Dec 20th: no lunch - winter break
Dec 27th: no lunch - winter break
Jan 3rd: TBD
Jan 10th: Interviews - Faculty speaker - Jenna McHenry, PhD
Jan 17th: Interviews - Student speaker - Winston Liu
Jan 24th: Faculty speaker - Neeraj Surana (Neil), MD, PhD
Jan 31st: Faculty speaker - Everardo Macias, PhD
Feb 7th: Faculty Speaker - Zhao Zhang, PhD
Feb 14th: Director's Lunch
Feb 21st: Faculty speakers - David Kirsch, MD, PhD & Yvonne Mowery, MD, PhD
Feb 28th: Student Council Business Meeting - Student speaker - Dylan Eiger
Mar 6th: Faculty speaker - Craig Lowe, PhD
Mar 27th: Pearls of Wisdom with MS4 students [Virtual]
Apr 3rd: COVID-19 Journal Club [Virtual]
Apr 10th: Residency Program series: Medicine - Aimee Zaas, MD & Xunrong Luo, MD, PhD [Virtual]
Apr 17th: No lunch, Online research Symposium
Apr 24th: MSTP Alumni Panel [Virtual]
May 1st: Residency Program Series: Pediatrics - Betty Staples, MD & Rasheed Gbadegesin, MD, MBBS [Virtual]
May 8th: Guest Speaker - Gerald Fischbach, MD [Virtual]
May 15th: Duke MSTP Alumni - Giselle Lopez, MS, PhD; Jessica Hennessey, MD, PhD; Zachary Reitman, MS, PhD; Allison Betof Warner, MD, PhD [Virtual]
June 5th: Director's Lunch [Virtual]
June 12th: Director's Lunch [Virtual]
June 19th: Director's Lunch [Virtual]
June 26th: Director's Lunch [Virtual]