Undergraduate Outreach

If you are interested in pursuing an MD/PhD and would like to talk with a Duke MSTP student who graduated from your college, you can make contact with these students by searching for your college in the list below.

Duke MSTP Alumni Representatives

Undergraduate Graduating Class MSTP Year

Brandeis University
2017 Nguyen, Anthony anthony.nguyen@duke.edu GS3

Brown University
2013 Woroniecka, Karolina karolina.woroniecka@duke.edu MS4
2019 Gerlus, Nimesha nimesha.gerlus@duke.edu MS1

Case Western Reserve University
2012 Darlington, Timothy timothy.darlington@duke.edu GS6
2012 Thompson, Paul paul.m.thompson@duke.edu GS6

Columbia University
2015 Castellano, Steven steven.castellano@duke.edu Oxford
2018 Dale, Jahrane jahrane.dale@duke.edu MS2
2016 Diaz, Carolyn carolyn.diaz@duke.edu GS2
2016 Gibson, Rebecca rebecca.a.gibson@duke.edu GS2
2016 Jin, Felix felix.jin@duke.edu GS2

Cornell University
2013 Draelos, Rachel Ballantyne, rachel.ballantyne@duke.edu GS4

Creighton University
2011 Davidson, Michael michael.t.davidson@duke.edu MS4

Davidson College
2018 Eriksson, Shannon shannon.eriksson@duke.edu GS2
2016 Himes, Jonathon jonathon.himes@duke.edu GS2
2018 Su, Chang chang.su@duke.edu GS2

Duke University
2017 Bassil, Christopher christopher.bassil@duke.edu GS3
2013 Dai, Rui rui.dai@duke.edu GS5
2017 De Albuquerque, Daniela daniela.de.albuquerque@duke.edu GS1
2018 DiPalma, Devon devon.dipalma@duke.edu MS2
2016 Eiger, Dylan dylan.eiger@duke.edu GS2
2016 Huang, Ouwen ouwen.huang@duke.edu GS2
2019 Jeffs, Sydney sydney.jeffs@duke.edu MS1
2016 Kirchner, Stephen stephen.kirchner@duke.edu GS2
2019 Tracey, Skye skye.tracey@duke.edu MS1
2015 Vaz, Alex  alex.vaz@duke.edu  GS3

Emory University
2013 Ali, Moiez moiez.ali@duke.edu GS5

Grinnell College
2018 Bidzimou, Minu-Tsheyto minutshyeto.bidzimou@duke.edu MS2

Harvard University
2017 Behrer, Christopher christopher.behrer@duke.edu GS1
2016 Bose, Shree shree.bose@duke.edu GS1
2014 Dockterman, Jacob jacob.dockterman@duke.edu GS3
2018 Scherba, Jacob jacob.scherba@duke.edu MS2
2019 Sejourne, Gabrielle gabrielle.sejourne@duke.edu, MS1

Haverford College
2012 Courtland, Jamie jamie.croucher@duke.edu GS4

Iowa State University
2012 Rivenbark, Joshua joshua.rivenbark@duke.edu MS4

Johns Hopkins University
2012 Silverman, Justin justin.silverman@duke.edu MS4
2019 Alway, Emily emily.alway@duke.edu MS1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2016 Juras, Patrick patrick.juras@duke.edu GS2
2015 Petrone, Brianna brianna.petrone@duke.edu GS3
2019 Stilwell, Laura laura.stilwell@duke.edu GS1
2011 Tripuraneni, Vinay vinay.tripuraneni@duke.edu GS6

Miami University, Oxford OH
2015 Cerda-Smith, Christian christian.cerde-smith@duke.edu GS3

Missouri Southern State University
2019 Benton, Jake jacob.benton@duke.edu GS1

New York University
2019 Patino, Alejandra alejandra.patino@duke.edu MS1

North Carolina State University
2012 Draelos, Mark mark.draelos@duke.edu MS4
2014 Draelos, Matthew matthew.draelos@duke.edu GS4
2019 Rao, Vishwas vishwas.rao@duke.edu MS1

Northwestern University
2010 Chen, Mark mark.chen@duke.edu GS6

Pomona College
2018 Zorawski, Marek marek.zorawski@duke.edu MS2

Princeton University
2016 Olson, Lyra lyra.olson@duke.edu GS2
2019 Finlay, John (Jack) john.finlay@duke.edu MS1

Rutgers University
2014 Konkimalla, Arvind arvind.konkimalla@duke.edu GS4
2018 Morash, Margaret margaret.morash@duke.edu MS2

St. Johns College
2015 Bernanke, Alyssa alyssa.bernanke@duke.edu GS5

Stanford University
2015 Jenks, Jennifer jennifer.jenks@duke.edu GS3

Syracuse University
2019 Aiduk, Michael michael.aiduk@duke.edu MS1

Tulane University
2016 Semmes, Eleanor eleanor.semmes@duke.edu GS2

University of Arizona
2018 Chew, Lindsey lindsey.chew@duke.edu MS2

University of California - Berkeley
2012 McClean, Colleen colleen.mcclean@duk.edu GS6

University of California - Los Angeles
2013 Wisdom, Amy amy.wisdom@duke.edu GS5

University of Chicago
2017 Delaney, Christopher christopher.delaney@duke.edu GS1
2010 Kearney, Matthew matthew.kearney@duke.edu MS4

University of Georgia
2017 Wachsmuth, Lucas lucas.wachsmuth@duke.edu GS1
2019 Dalapati, Trisha trisha.dalapati@duke.edu MS1

University of Iowa
2018 Anderson, Preston preston.anderson@duke.edu, MS2
2013 Edwards, Drake drake.edwards@duke.edu GS5

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
2014 Hughes, Dalton dalton.hughes@duke.edu GS4
2017 Maduka, Austin austin.makuka@duke.edu GS1
2017 Seas, Andreas andreas.seas@duke.edu GS1

University of Maryland, College Park
2012 Chang, Zanetta zanetta.chang@duke.edu MS4
2015 Liu, Winston winston.liu@duke.edu GS3
2016 Weng, Peter peter.weng@duke.edu GS2

University of Nevada-Las Vegas
2019 Killarney, Shane shane.killarney@duke.edu GS1

University of North Carolina
2013 Antonia, Alejandro alejandro.antonio@duke.edu GS5
2013 Detter, Matthew matthew.detter@duke.edu GS5

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2018 Raj, Jude jude.raj@duke.edu MS2

University of the Pacific
2018 Herche, Jesse jesse.herche@duke.edu MS2

University of Southern California
2012 Nelson, Cody cody.nelson@duke.edu MS4

University of Texas - Austin
2011 Lin, Kevin kevin.h.lin@duke.edu MS4

University of Washington
2010 Ishizuka, Andrew andrew.ishizuka@duke.edu Oxford

Vanderbilt University
2018 Beaman, Mary Makenzie mary.beaman@duke.edu  MS2

Washington and Lee University
2018 Rosenthal, Danielle danielle.rosenthal@duke.edu MS2

Washington University in St Louis
2013 Kelly, Megan megan.kelly@duke.edu GS4

Williams College
2017 Borre, Ethan ethan.borre@duke.edu GS1

Winthrop University
2012 Petty, Amy amy.deng@duke.edu GS6

Yale University
2012 Deerhake, Marion marion.deerhake@duke.edu GS4
2015 Floyd, Robert warren.floyd@duke.edu GS5