Opportunities for Pre-med Students


Apply to Duke-NUS Medical School

If you are interested in applying to Duke-NUS, please visit Duke-NUS Admissions.


Prehealth Experiential Programme (PrEP)

Prehealth Experiential Programme (PrEP)

The Prehealth Experiential Programme (PrEP) is a weeklong immersion program to be held at Duke-NUS Medical School each July. Designed to provide insights to medical practice and biomedical research in Singapore, the program features seminars, workshops and visits. PrEP will encourage academic curiosity and equip participants with useful skills, experience and knowledge of Duke-NUS and the Singapore healthcare system.


Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO)

If medicine is a career that you would like to pursue, the Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO) is a good springboard to gain insights into the profession. Under DACO, you will be paired with a practicing doctor, who is a Duke-NUS alumnus, for a two-day taster of what their work entails. Observerships are carried out in June and December each year and are meant to be an introduction to shadowing. The intent of DACO is to encourage participants to seek subsequent shadowing opportunities on their own initiative.