About Duke-NUS Medical School

View of Duke-NUS Campus in Singapore

In 2000, Singapore embarked on a biomedical sciences initiative, a component of which included raising the number of clinician-scientists. As part of a multi-faceted plan, a Singapore Ministry of Education-appointed international medical education review panel recommended that a graduate entry medical school be established in Singapore. This was intended to complement Singapore's existing undergraduate medical education model.

Duke University, a research powerhouse, was viewed as an ideal international partner. On the back of firm support by the Singapore government, Duke University School of Medicine and the National University of Singapore (NUS), two academic institutions with track records in research and education, committed to a partnership. This was an opportunity to combine the unique medical education curriculum at Duke with the academic rigor and rich resources offered by NUS, and to offer students an enriching and innovative medical educational experience. In 2005, Duke-NUS Medical School became the first US-style medical school in Singapore.



Grooming Future Healthcare Leaders

To date, Duke-NUS Medical School has enrolled over 500 students, hailing from over 25 countries and 80 universities, in the MD, PhD and MD-PhD programs. At Duke-NUS, more than 1000 faculty are involved in research, education and patient care. In a span of only 10 years, the School’s research programs have garnered over S$324 million in local and overseas funding, and seen over 80 research collaborations and partnerships set up with various institutions and organizations. Duke-NUS has thus brought education and research expertise to the healthcare campus on which it resides, that of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and several national specialty centers. 

SingHealth and Duke-NUS Partnership

The Duke-NUS campus in Singapore is located on the grounds of SGH – the first and largest hospital in Singapore.  SGH is a member of the Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) cluster of healthcare institutions, the largest healthcare group in Singapore. This group collectively delivers multi-disciplinary care among 42 clinical specialties across a large network of hospitals, national specialty centers and polyclinics.

Duke-NUS and SingHealth have embarked on an ambitious Academic Medicine partnership, which strives to embody the tripartite of patient care, education and research. Duke-NUS MD students enjoy access to a wide range of resources and facilities during their clerkships at SingHealth institutions, and receive one-on-one mentorship by research faculty during their research year. Through the collaboration between Duke-NUS and SGH, the campus is developing into a hub for translational and clinical research aimed at improving patient care.

Pursuing Medicine in Singapore – a Leading Medical Hub in Asia

Duke-NUS Medical School presents a unique learning experience for students to study and practice in one of the most dynamic and demanding regions for quality healthcare and medical research.

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