Diversity in the DSCB Program

A hallmark of Duke’s Developmental and Stem Cell Biology (DSCB) Program is diversity, reflecting the many scientific fields of direct relevance to our Program. Thus our students and faculty are distributed among many of Duke’s biological and medical departments. We similarly see great value in our student diversity. Our doctoral candidates come from diverse backgrounds and geography, enriching our Program enormously.

Duke University Medical Center and DSCB are committed to maintaining an environment of inclusion. We welcome students regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age and disability.

The DSCB Program has an active Diversity and Inclusion Committee composed of students and faculty, dedicated to this mission above.

Duke University Medical Center has established a Diversity & Inclusion Program within the Office of Biomedical Graduate Education (OBGE) at Duke University – School of Medicine. Their office maintains information about active graduate student groups and resources on campus including:

The Duke BioCoRE Scholars Program provides enhanced opportunities that complement the bioscience undergraduate and graduate programs. The goals of BioCoRE are to increase the diversity of scientists in the biosciences, and to promote student development with research experiences, engagement with faculty, and career development activities. All incoming graduate students are invited to apply, and incoming scholars are eligible for an early-start summer program as well as other community-building activities throughout the academic year.