Why Duke

There are many reasons to choose Duke Med.  The thing that stands out, in my mind, is the third year experience.  Third year at Duke offers you true freedom to pursue the type of medical career that you want to pursue.  Basic science research, clinical research, Masters in Public Health, MBA, law, fine arts, Masters in Divinity, journalism, and others are all valid options.  What’s more, you can even take more time (an additional third year) at no extra cost. Other clear benefits include seeing patients on the wards a full year earlier, integration with a vibrant University/undergraduate campus, and a lower-than-average debt for graduates.  I don’t have enough time or space to continue writing all the reasons to go to Duke because I am studying abroad right now in Nicaragua for a month and the Internet is sometimes iffy.  But to add one last reason to come to Duke: they support global health enough to pay for my entire flight to Nicaragua.
Brian S.

Duke students learn medical science as MSIs, are introduced to medical care as MSIIs, shape (and are shaped by) medical research as MSIIIs, and prepare for a career in medicine as MSIVs. The curriculum allows students to become future leaders in medicine and the administration and community offer incredible support and fantastic resources for its students.
Bill M.