Why Duke

Dennis A

“I chose to come to Duke because I knew I wanted to pursue a research oriented career. Duke’s innovative 3rd year curriculum made me confident that by attending Duke, I would be able to devote a significant amount of time towards developing this skill set as opposed to piecing together different summer research experiences from other curriculums. In addition, having extra time during MS3 to reflect on my clinical year and to make an informed decision as to what medical career I wanted to pursue was very attractive.” -Dennis A. (MS2020)

Nnamdi A

“When choosing which med school to attend, I was looking for an institution that would not only teach me the relevant information, but also provide me with the tools to tackle any problems I might face as a physician. Duke, in its commitment to strong didactics, clinical exposure, and research, has not only met, but succeeded my expectations. Now as a rising intern I am confident in the knowledge and experiences I have accumulated during my time here, and head towards residency certain that I am well-prepared.” -Nnamdi A. (MS2020)

Monica B

“I wanted to be at a medical school that not only could shape me as a physician-healer, but also cultivate my moral formation. Namely, I knew that my four+ years would be transformative — and I wanted to come out the other end of it feeling whole, because that would enable me to best alleviate my patients’ suffering. During my second look weekend, I could sense a palpable desire for growth — it seemed as if curiosity was the common denominator, and everyone had something unique that lit their heart on fire. For me, it was a mix of oncology, end-of-life care, spirituality & basketball. I was confident I could explore these interests at Duke, and moreover that I would have a supportive community right by my side through it all. From DukeMed professors diving deep into their research to answer a question, to simply checking in on my wellbeing; from a new initiative at the Divinity school on theology & medicine to ushering for the Duke men’s basketball team — Duke has surpassed my wildest imagination. Duke has become home — I am so grateful.” -Monica B. (MS2022)

Bridget G

“Work-life balance and quality of life were huge factors in my medical school decision. I wanted to go to a school where I would thrive and enjoy these years of my life. The wonderful, kind, interesting, diverse people at Duke, in the context of a collaborative learning environment (shout-out true Pass/Fail) really help to create this type of environment. Additionally, the experience of attending medical school on a broader campus with such wide-ranging passions, areas of expertise, and types of learners enhances the resources and opportunities available to explore and engage with interests outside of medicine. Add in the beautiful year-round weather, the world-class education, and, of course, Duke basketball, it was a natural choice.” -Bridget G. (MS2023)

Vinay G

“At Duke Med, I made wonderful friends, learned from excellent teachers, developed a strong research background, and found mentors and role models who provided great advice as I developed my career goals. But most importantly, I had the flexibility to pursue my passions outside of medicine. I was able to continue volunteering alongside organizations with whom I had established close relationships as an undergraduate, and I also had time to focus on my physical and mental well-being. I had an amazing four years at Duke Med and can’t recommend it highly enough!” -Vinay G. (MS2020)

Samantha H

“I chose Duke in equal parts due to the unique curriculum and the exceptional people. On the academic side, I was attracted to the accelerated one year preclinical curriculum and the prospect of starting clinical rotations in the second year. Truth be told, I was initially unsure about doing a full year of research, but now as a third year pursuing not one but two years of research, I have come to enjoy my research time, particularly the opportunity to better understand the field that I hope to pursue. My time at Duke would not be half the adventure that it has been thus far without my classmates, however. I was ultimately sold on coming to Duke after meeting some of the people who are now my friends and classmates at Second Look Weekend. The community that I have found at Duke is truly unparalleled and makes it fun and exciting to call Duke home.” -Samantha H. (MS2022)

Tulsi P

“The one thing that stood out to me about Duke was the sense of camaraderie among the class. My interview was Superbowl weekend and even during the big game, upperclassmen were spending time with the interviewees and it was evident they cared about their school, each other, and the incoming class. I remember the students had a pool going for who could predict the final score, and it was refreshing to see them having fun and just enjoying the game. I had thought to myself, if I can develop this sense of friendship and ease with my classmates, I would feel at home during medical school. Of course, Duke had a strong program, and the research year definitely appealed to me, but I can honestly say it was the environment of my interview weekend that made me excited about the school. I actually did not attend second look weekend because I was just so sure Duke was the right fit for me…but in hindsight it was yet another opportunity to bond with my classmates and make new friendships. After attending Duke Medical School for 2 years now, it was certainly the right choice. We build each other up, provide support in tough times, and celebrate our accomplishments. My classmates have made Durham feel like home and I am grateful each day that we walk this path together.”  -Tulsi P. (MS2022)

Zoey P

When I visited Duke the biggest thing that stood out to me was the sense of community. Current students told me about the many ways their classmates helped them and were there for them. Beyond that, people seemed to have very well balanced lives despite the stress of medical school. Now that I’m here these are the things that I love about Duke! My class and students in other classes have been very kind and supportive, and I’ve found it easy to explore my interests outside of classes. -Zoey P. (MS2023)

Cason R

“During medical school interviews, the one notion that captured my thoughts about medical school was Dr. Brenda Armstrong’s concept of being a doctor “and” something - we were exhorted to pursue our personal passions in addition to our calling as doctors. At Duke Med, we are given opportunities to be great doctors, but we’re also encouraged to be great researchers, literary scholars, artists, musicians.. I could go on! Being from a small town in Mississippi, I was initially apprehensive about interviewing at top medical schools. My weekend at Duke was by far my favorite experience on the interview trail - from choral Evensong in the chapel to walking onto the court in an empty Cameron Indoor Stadium, I learned that this campus is truly a special place, and I could not be happier to have chosen Duke for my medical education." -Cason R. (MS2021)

Victoria R

“First, I was excited about Duke because of the curriculum. The opportunity to get into the hospital as soon as possible, the opportunity to have a year to reflect on my clinical rotations before committing to a specialty, and the fact that research was built into the curriculum, all ended up enhancing my experience more than I could have predicted before entering medical school. I also saw a strong diverse community at DukeMed, which was very important to me. Duke had a clear commitment to the recruitment of a diverse class, which was encouraging. Lastly, the opportunity to work at a tertiary care center and one of the leading hospitals in the nation exposed me not only to a broad cross-section of diagnoses (from “bread-and-butter” to once-in-a-career), but also to a diversity of patients (socioeconomically diverse, urban and rural, speaking a multitude of languages) which helped me feel like after my training I could truly take care of anyone.” -Victoria R. (MS2020)

Tori W

“When I was deciding to come to Duke, I knew it felt like someplace special and yet it has proven to defy all of my expectations. I came to Duke to be surrounded by people who would inspire me, challenge me and teach me as we learned together. The collaboration, community, and constant push to be better are palpable here. The spirit of Duke is felt all over campus and in corners of the world far outside of it and you truly become a part of something so much bigger and more meaningful when you join this community.” -Tori W. (MS2020)