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Duke Med Peer Support (DuMPS) is a phone-in service that connects students with upperclassman volunteers to receive guidance and encouragement. The pressures of medical school are numerous and unique. As medical students, we rely on a wide support network including our family, friends, advisory deans, and mentors, but we often encounter situations that only a fellow Duke medical student can understand. The student counselors involved in the program are familiar with the medical student experience, trained in peer counseling, and ready to address a broad variety of topics. A sampling of reasons you might call DuMPS includes mental health concerns (for self or another), interpersonal or professional conflicts, academic stress, upsetting clinical experiences, etc. No concern is too small. Two counselors are always on-call, and will respond to your request as soon as possible, within 24 hours at the most. All calls are free and confidential.

To speak with a Peer Support counselor, please fill out this anonymous form: Support Form

One of our counselors will respond to your request as soon as possible, within 24 hours maximum. If this is an emergency or more time sensitive matter, please call 911 or refer to the resources below.

Have feedback for Duke Med Peer Support? We would love to hear it: Feedback Form

Additional Resources

  • Duke Police: 919-684-2444
  • Duke Reach: 919-681-2455
  • Advisory Dean emergency pager: 919-970-7399
  • Duke Hospital ED: 919-684-2413
  • Exposure (e.g. needlestick) hotline: 919-684-8115
  • Duke Student Health: 919-684-9355
  • CAPS: 919-660-1000
  • Duke Women’s Center: 684-3897, emergency pager: 919-970-2108
  • Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity: 919-684-6607
  • Medical School Ombudsperson, Jean Spaulding: ombudsman@mc.duke.edu
  • University Ombudsperson, John Blackshear: john.blackshear@duke.edu

Mental Heath Providers in the Area

Please use this link to see a list of local mental health providers organized by location, insurance, and specialty information: Local Providers

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Meet the Duke Med Peer Support Team


James Tian

James Tian Hi I’m James and I’m an MS3 from Florida who’s a proud Double Dukie. I was a chemistry major at Duke and am currently pursuing ophthalmology. I play table tennis, piano, and occasionally basketball. Second year was extremely stressful for me and I saw a CAPS counselor and had a really good experience. Count me in as well as one of the many MS1s who procrastinated and fell behind in coursework. My girlfriend and I have been long distance for all of medical school, and to say that it sometimes gets pretty lonely would be an understatement. Please reach out if you’re feeling alone, behind, or stressed out; I would love to talk to you!


Winston LiuWinston Liu Hi! My name is Winston and I'm a third year in the MD/PhD program here at Duke. I graduated in 2015 from the University of Maryland, where I studied bioengineering. I'm interested in the intersection of medical with psychiatric disease, and have been involved with several humanities initiatives in the med school. Outside of school, I like eating at new restaurants, swimming, and volunteering at my church.



Kelsey CorriganKelsey Corrigan My name is Kelsey and I am a third year medical student. I grew up and lived in Wisconsin until moving down to Durham for medical school right after college. I am spending most of my third year over at UNC pursuing a Master’s in Public Health degree. I love being a part of Duke Med, and have become involved in a couple organizations including Duke Med Elementary and Davison Council. Outside of school, I enjoy running, reading and cheering on the Green Bay Packers!


Jacob TrotterJacob Trotter My name is Jacob and I’m an MS3. I grew up in Las Vegas and went to undergrad in Provo, Utah where I studied neuroscience and chemistry. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing tennis, and going bowling. I understand the stresses of trying to juggle family, church, and home life with the busy medical school life. I have also watched family and friends struggle with depression and suicide. I’m happy to talk about all issues.


Zach Dionise Hi! My name is Zach and I’m an MS3. I grew up mostly in Pittsburgh, PA and went to undergrad at Davidson College where I studied economics and chemistry. In my free time I love reading, playing tennis/ping-pong, and trying new restaurants in the Triangle. I understand the difficulty and stress associated with living away from family, meeting all new people, and having to balance med school to boot. I’m happy to listen and talk about whatever might be going on.


Maya TalbottMaya Talbott My name is Maya and I am an MS3 from California who loves Pediatrics and Surgery—in other words I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I have been involved in peer counseling since college and am a firm believer that therapeutic sharing through counseling, journaling, meditation, etc can be a constructive part of every person's life, especially those of us caring for the well-being of others. I have personal experience with loved ones facing depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide, and I regularly see a therapist as part of my own self-care. In my spare time I like to read, write, hike, netflix binge and chase the sunset (shout out if you want tips on the best local viewing spots).


Steven CastellanoSteve Castellano Hi I’m Steven, a third-year MSTP currently doing research at the NIH as part of the NIX OxCam PhD program. I have previously mentored close friends facing addiction, eating disorders, identity struggles, and thoughts of suicide. I’m always down to form deep friendships or to share a laugh.



Vignesh Sevlakumaran Hi my name is Vignesh and I am currently an MS3 interested in pursuing heme/onc. I love the outdoors and being active (biking, running, tennis, and recently rock climbing)! I am passionate about music (literally any genre), politics, education and different sources of disparity within our community. I developed an interest in mental health at a relatively young age. This started when a close friend of mind was diagnosed with depression. In college, I was a part of student driven programs aimed towards suicide prevention. I similarly had distant family members commit suicide. At Duke Med, I had to deal with my own personal battle with depression/anxiety. For me, DuMPS facilitates my passion to take part in student wellness here at Duke.

Selena AnSelena An My name is Selena and I’m an MS3. I’m originally from California and took a non-traditional path to medicine. I’m happy to lend an ear to whatever is on your mind and can particularly speak to the transition from work back to school and maintaining interests outside of medicine.




Chloe PetersChloe Peters My name is Chloe, I’m an MS3 pursuing a career in Urology. I grew up near San Francisco and went to UCLA for undergrad, where I studied anthropology. After graduating I deferred from med school for a year and spent my time off living in South Africa and Spain. In my spare time I enjoy backpacking and spending time outdoors, horseback riding, traveling, and cooking.



Andrea AnsariAndrea Ansari Hi! I’m Andrea, an MS3 originally from Oregon. I came to Duke after spending 4 years working a variety of jobs – from beekeeping to research – and I love spending time outdoors, baking, and reading. My med school experience has included a lot of ups and downs; the culture of medicine is different than anything I’ve previously encountered, and it is easy to end up feeling inadequate or like you are the only one struggling. I am excited to be serving as a peer support counselor; I am always happy to provide a listening ear to anyone in need as we navigate the experience that is med school.


JamieJamie Croucher My name is Jamie and I am an MS3/GS1 MSTP candidate. My clinical interests include child and adolescent medicine/psychiatry. My research interests include mechanisms of neurodevelopment and disease (specifically autism). I grew up in NJ, and I lived in Philadelphia for a few years before coming to Durham. I’m a former college runner and I still run for fun in med/grad school. I love all things outdoors, as well as dogs, coffee, and ice cream.


Valentine EspositoValentine Esposito My name is Valentine and I am in my first of two third years as part of the Clinical Research Training Program. I grew up in NY, but came down to Duke for undergrad and haven’t looked back since (though I do miss the pizza & bagels). I’ve had a ton of fun getting involved here at Duke Med with things like the Student Faculty Show, Davison Council, and Practice Course to name a few. Outside of school I enjoy cooking Italian food, baking cookies (especially with Nutella), cheering on Duke Football, and exploring the historical gems of NC.


Malhar PatelMalhar Patel My name is Malhar and I'm an MS3 at Duke. I know from personal experience that medical school can be a roller coaster of highs and lows. I hope that I can be helpful in talking through some of those aspects, providing my input, or simply silently listening to your experiences.