Career Interest Groups


Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

Presidents: Sydney Reed (, Emily Barney (
Other Student Leaders: Zachary Brandon (

Brief Description Purpose: To increase awareness of the spectrum of clinical practice in Anesthesiology and encourage medical students to explore career opportunities within the field of Anesthesiology. Vision: The AIG will provide a wider range of exposure to Anesthesiology than is available through the Duke School of Medicine curricular experience, with opportunities for mentorship, education, and hands-on experience with Anesthesiology faculty and residents. Activities: Airway Night, Regional Anesthesia with the Anatomy Interest Group

Careers in Internal Medicine (CIMIGro)

President: Tiffany Dong
Other Student Leaders: Joshua Rivenbark (, Raeann Whitney, Norah Karlovich (, Kurran Mehta (, Kunal Shah (, Andrew Vista (, Jordan Hildenbrand

Brief Description: Careers in Internal Medicine Interest Group, CIMIGro, is a Duke School of Medicine interest group that aims to help medical students discover the vast opportunities available through Internal Medicine. We are dedicated to providing medical students with the resources and connections to thrive during medical school and prepare for successful careers in the medical community. We have several events geared to allow students to explore the various aspects of Internal Medicine. We are also launching a new mentorship program and collecting important resources to help students through this medical education journey.

Dermatology Interest Group

Presidents: Maggie Coates, Surya Ravichandran (
Other Student Leaders: Simon Jiang (, Caitlin Penny (

Brief Description: Group for students interested in learning more about dermatology through lectures, workshops, volunteer and research opportunities.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

President: Trevor Weis (
Other Student Leaders: Terrell Jones

Brief Description: We host lectures on topics relevant to EM, practical skills training like ultrasound and intubation, and events with both professional schools as well as the community.

Family Medicine Interest Group

President: Tichelle Porch (
Other Student Leaders: 

Brief Description: Our group is committed to promoting and supporting family medicine at Duke. We do this by hosting dinners with family medicine faculty, attending local and national family medicine conferences, and holding workshops on important topics in family medicine. Examples of some of these workshops for the 2018-2019 year included a procedural and skills nights as well as dinner and discussion on bias in healthcare.

General Surgery Interest Group (GSIG)

Presidents: Steven Thornton (, Neel Prabhu (

Brief Description: The General Surgery Interest Group (GSIG) is a student run group that aims to connect students interested in General Surgery and its subspecialties with opportunities to connect with surgical faculty and residents as well as provide surgically-inspired outreach to the community. Through the GSIG-run Health Careers Academy, we provide mentorship and learning opportunities for local high school students interested in pursuing careers in science and medicine. We also regularly host Stop the Bleed sessions to teach members of the Duke and Durham community how to intervene in life-threatening bleeding emergencies. Examples of educational and networking opportunities for students include: the "What is General Surgery?" session with Duke Residency Director Dr. Migaly; the annual department mixer at The Pit, Durham; the annual Surgery Research Symposium; and our quarterly General Surgery Book Club!

Geriatrics Interest Group

Presidents: Julia Bellantoni (, Jennifer Tu (
Other Student Leaders: Julia Black, Mallory Bryant

Brief Description: The Geriatrics Interest Group provides opportunities for learning and mentorship in the field of geriatrics for students interested in the healthcare of older adults. Our previous events have included a geriatrics research fair, a lunch presentation with experts in neurology and geriatrics on dementia, and a panel on caregiving featuring patients and their caregivers, providers, and social workers from Duke Family Support.

Interventional Radiology Interest Group

Presidents: Gabe Li (, Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin (
Other Student Leaders: Andre Agassi, Shan McBurney-Lin, Chris Gallo

Brief Description: For students interested in Interventional Radiology - What is IR, Research Opportunities, Innovation in IR

Neurosurgery Interest Group

President: Christine Park (
Other Student Leaders: Lefko Charalambous, Sarah Hodges, Ethan Srinivasan

Brief Description: NSIG is dedicated to helping students interested in neurosurgery explore the field and connect with faculty mentors for their professional development. Neurosurgery Interest Group Social with Dr. Michael Haglund (11/7/18) Introduction to Neurosurgery with Dr. Nandan Lad and Dr. Carrie Muh (1/22/19) Neuroscience Research Mixer (2/13/19) Faculty Research Talk with Dr. Peter Fecci (4/2/19) Neurosurgery Resident Panel (5/15/19) Faculty Research Talk with Dr. Derek Southwell (6/5/19) Brain School Journal Club (biweekly throughout the year)

Med-Peds Interest Group

President: Sandra Bocharnikov
Other Student Leaders: Keri Register (, Alexis Wilsey, Melissa Ross

Brief Description: For students interested in med-peds. We offer panels with current med-peds residents and attendings, residency application advice sessions, mentorship programs.

Ob/Gyn Interest Group

President: Megan Smith (
Other Student Leaders: Helen Daifotis, Elizabeth Howell (, Maddy Caplan (

Brief Description: The Ob/Gyn interest group is for all students who would like to learn more about the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our programming ranges from skills fairs to Q&A sessions with members of the department to community service events.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Presidents: Delaram Mirzania (, Maria Gomez-Carabello
Other Student Leaders: Kai Seely (, Shivy Chandramouli (, Jennifer Chang (

Brief Description: The Ophthalmology Interest Group is a student-run group at Duke University School of Medicine that aims to help students explore the field of Ophthalmology through lectures held by faculty and residents, annual pig eye dissection events, hosting panel discussions about applying to Ophthalmology attended by residents and the director of Ophthalmology residency at Duke, and other opportunities for mentorship and research within the Department of Ophthalmology at Duke.

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

Presidents: Zoe Hinton (, Lefko Charalambous (

Brief Description: OSIG is the Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group. We will be hosting dinners, talks, and workshops covering some basic topics in orthopedic surgery that should be appropriate for everyone from first years to fourth years.

Otolaryngology-Head and Surgery Interest Group

President: Kevin Ji (
Other Student Leaders: Hannah Martin, Nathaniel Neptune, Ryan Huang

Brief Description: The ENT IG focuses on fostering interest in head and neck surgery through research panels, suture workshops, subspecialty panels and physical exam/ procedural workshops. We hold 2-3 events per semester and have enjoyed turnouts of around 30 - 40 students.

Palliative Care Interest Group

President: Dalton Hughes (
Other Student Leaders: Meg Bost (, Jennifer Tu

Brief Description: The Palliative Care Interest Group is a student-run club through Duke Med. We use the interest group to heavily interact with the Palliative Care department to learn more about how the training in Palliative Care can improve the clinical practice of any specialty. Topics such as doctor-patient communication, delivering difficult news, and how to engage in a family meeting are just a few topics discussed in our monthly meetings.

Pathology Interest Group

President: Hayley Premo (
Other Student Leaders: Alexis Musick (

Brief Description: Pathology is a lot more than crime scenes and basements! The Pathology Interest Group (PIG) is an organization dedicated to exploring the opportunities pathology has to offer, from procedures to patient contact to making diagnoses. Our students look forward to new and exciting events that'll help develop clinical skills as well as a deeper understanding of the field of pathology. A few of these events include a FNA (fine needle aspiration) workshop, an autopsy shadowing session, a research fair, and review sessions to help with coursework. PIG is for anyone interested in cool disease processes, fun T-shirts, or learning about the wide world of pathology!

Pediatrics Interest Group

President: Ariana Stewart (
Other Student Leaders: Lily Suarez, Heather Frank (, Laura Stilwell (, Rebecca Gibson (

Brief Description: The Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG) is a student-run group which associated with the Department of Pediatrics with the primary goal of helping students to explore careers and provide exposure to research opportunities in Pediatrics, from primary care to sub-specialties and private practice to academics. We host meet and greets with the Department of Pediatrics, resident/faculty panels and education sessions focused on relevant pediatric topics.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group

President: Mahsa Taskindoust (
Other Student Leaders: Caitlin Marks, Grant Darner (, Mike Lebhar (

Brief Description: Plastic and reconstructive surgery interest group.

Psychiatry Interest Group

Presidents: Laura Stilwell (, Faye Oakes (

Brief Description: The Psychiatry Interest Group allows Duke medical students to explore areas of psychiatry beyond the formal curriculum and to interact with faculty in the psychiatry department. Past events have included a discussion on opportunities for research in psychiatry, information regarding dual-board certification, a dinner at a faculty member's house, and speakers on topics such as forensic psychiatry and women's mental health. Faculty advisor is Dr. Damon Tweedy.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

President: Safa Kaleem (
Other Student Leaders: Megha Gupta

Brief Description: Duke Med SIGN is an interest group focused on promoting and providing education about the field of Neurology! Our events include a semesterly dinner at department chair Dr. Rich O'Brien's home, lectures from Duke neurology researchers, and a research fair event hosted jointly with Psychiatry Interest Group and Neurosurgery Interest Group.

Urology Student Interest Group

President: Shelby Harper (
Other Student Leaders: Brian Ketterman (, Josh Hayden (

Brief Description: The Urology Student Interest Group (USIG) is aimed at increasing opportunities for medical students to gain exposure to the field of urology. We host suturing workshops, urology-specific skills workshops, and have a urology resident shadow program. We are also involved in annual Movember fundraising.