Duke Med has over sixty registered student groups. Some groups have a clinical focus, including our student-run Fremont People’s Free Clinic and Hand2Hold, a group creating 3D-printed prosthetic hands. There are groups that provide a creative outlet for students such as the Durham Medical Orchestra and our a capella group, Major Groove. Still others are focused on public health and community building, giving students opportunities to build community gardens and volunteer at community health screening events. Quite a few of our student groups are geared toward education, ranging from hands-on heart dissection with local elementary schoolers, teaching sexual education to local high schoolers, and providing programming to empower local minority students interested in a career in healthcare. There are so many groups at Duke, including interest groups to help medical students explore their career interests and affinity groups to connect medical student communities, that there is truly something for everyone. Learn more about our student groups below*, and for more details specifically about additional service-related ways our students engage with the community through the Service arm of Davison Council, be sure to check out the Service page!

*To make it easier to navigate the student groups at Duke, we have divided them into Career Interest Groups (student-led groups focused on connecting students to specific career paths in medicine) and Student Groups (student groups other than interest groups that may center on specific activities, building student communities, etc.).


Student Activities Fair

Davison Council puts on a student activities fair at the start of each academic year and at Second Look Weekend to showcase all active student groups and to give students a chance to talk with student group leaders directly.

Forming a New Student Group

Forming a new student group at Duke Med is easy! You are asked to fill out a form detailing the new group and meet with the VP of Student Activities to discuss the group and go over logistics. Then your group will be presented to the Davison Council at a General Body meeting and approved by a vote.