By-Laws of the Davison Society

Item 1. Finances

A. The fiscal year shall be from July 1 through June 30 of each calendar year.
B. The Davison Council general fund shall maintain a minimum balance of $3000.
C. Each student shall be assessed a membership fee of $100 annually to be collected with tuition for the fall and spring term.
D. Student groups shall receive funding from the Davison Council biannually. These groups shall be subject to periodic review by the Budget Committee. Funding may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Treasurer and Budget Committee.

Item 2. Attendance

A. As a Davison Council member, attendance at all business meetings is essential. However, it is understood that other commitments do arise requiring absence from a meeting. If this is the case,a member must notify the Secretary of his/her expected absence at least 3 days prior to the meeting date. Furthermore, the member should make reasonable efforts to have his/her voice expressed at the missed meeting. Such efforts include but are not limited to submitting a written statement to be read by the Secretary at the meeting and designating a proxy who will represent one’s self at the meeting. Such efforts shall include either a) designating someone to speak and vote on the his/her behalf and alerting the Secretary at least 24 hours in advance of such proxy representation; or b) submitting a vote directly to the Secretary at least 24 hours in advance and/or submitting a written statement that can be read by the Secretary to the Council.

B. If a member misses two consecutive business meetings, the Secretary will bring this to the attention of the Executive Council at the soonest Executive Council Meeting. At this time, the Executive Council will evaluate the member’s ability to adequately fulfill his/her role within Davison Council. The member has the right to attend this meeting and speak on his/her own behalf. At the conclusion of this meeting, the Executive Council will decide upon the member’s future status within Davison Council. This may include but is not limited to replacement by another student, probationary status in which the member must attend the next two business meetings so as to regain full membership status, and forgiveness of the absences with continuance of full membership status.

C. Any voting member of the Davison Council, who, at the time of election of Davison Council members, has missed 4 or more Davison Council meetings for any reason since the last election year, will be barred by the Davison Council from running for election in the following year to any Davison Council position, not including subcommittees. Voting members in their second (core clerkship) year of studies will be allowed to miss an additional meeting in recognition that rotations often occur away from the School of Medicine and preclude a member’s attendance. Thus, second (core clerkship) year students who have missed 5 or more meetings for any reason since the last election will be barred by the Davison Council from running for election in the following year to any Davison Council position, not including subcommittees. This clause does not extend to fourth (elective clerkship) year students. The President or Secretary will advise the involved member of this restriction privately. If the involved member is the only nominee for a future position, she/he may be allowed to run for that position. 

Item 3. Committee Appointments

A. Appointed positions may be created by the President or be delegated to the President by other entities.
B. Davison Society members must receive notification of the accepting of appointment applications at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date that applications are due.
C. A plurality of the vote of Executive Council members shall be necessary for appointments.
D. In the event that there are no applications for a particular committee, a second application announcement and deadline will be made. If there still are no applications, any member of the Davison Council can appoint a consenting student to the position, subject to approval by a plurality of the vote of Executive Council members present at the deciding meeting.

Item 4. Elections

Election deadlines delineated by the Secretary at the time of election, for nomination, statements of intent, etc. are final and no exceptions shall be made.
Officer Elections

A. Nomination and election of Davison Council Officers shall take place in the spring of each
calendar year at an opportune time to be determined by current council members prior to the
conclusion of the 4th year academic year.
B. The Election:
Students shall be allowed one vote per position. A simple plurality shall be necessary for election
to a position. Run-offs will only be held in the case of a tie.

Class Council Elections

A. Nomination and election of Class Council members (4 class representatives and 1 class president for each class) shall take place in the spring of each calendar year after the election of the officers at an opportune time to be determined by current council members.
B. Nominations for the First-Year Class Council election shall be accepted by the third week of September; elections shall be held no later than the fourth week of September. The First-Year class shall elect new officers for the second year at the regular spring elections.
C. The Election:

i. Students shall be allowed to vote for up to five nominees from their respective classes. The five nominees that receive the most votes will become class representatives to the Davison Council.
ii. The Class President shall be an appointed position given to that class representative who receives the most votes of all the class representatives elected for his or her own class. Should that person decline, the position would be offered to the person who received the second most votes, while the person with the most votes would serve as a representative. In the event of a tie for Class President, there will be a run-off election between the involved candidates.
iii. In the case of a tie in the class council elections for the final position or positions (e.g two or more person tie for fifth place or three or more person tie for fourth place), a runoff election will be held whereby each member of the class will have a number of votes equal to the number of openings remaining (i.e. one vote for a tie for fifth, two votes for a tie for fourth). Prior to the opening of the election it is recommended that the secretary confirm that the students involved are still interested in running for the position before announcing the election to the class. In addition, the results from the remainder of the election shall not be released prior to the runoff election to promote maximum participation and leave the election free of undue outside influences.

Item 5. Defunct Member Policy

In the event that a committee member cannot fulfill her/his position, or needs to be replaced for any reason, the Davison Executive Council shall appoint a replacement committee member, approved by a plurality of vote. In the event that a Davison Council representative cannot fulfill her/his position, or needs to be replaced for any reason, the Davison Council shall appoint a replacement council member, approved by a two-thirds vote. In the event of a defunct President, a member of the Executive Council must be appointed to Presidency by the Davison council and approved by a two thirds vote. A subsequent appointment will be made to fill the Executive Council position left behind, also approved by a two-thirds vote of the Davison Council. Declaring a member as defunct can be initiated by any member of the Davison Council and confirmed by a review and unanimous vote by all uninvolved Executive Council members