CRTP Curriculum

Graphic of Program Curriculum

Program of Study

The degree requires 24 credits of graded course work and a research project for which 12 units of credit are given. Five courses (CRP 241, 242, 245, 253, and 254) constitute 16 credits that are required for all degree candidates (see Course Descriptions). The student’s clinical research activities provide the setting and the data for the project, which serves to demonstrate the student’s competence in the use of quantitative methods in clinical research. The program is designed for part-time study, which allows the fellow/student to integrate the program’s academic program with clinical training.
Time Limitations

A degree candidate is expected to complete all requirements within six calendar years of matriculation. Degree credit for a course expires six years after the course is completed by the student; in this case, degree credit can be obtained only by retaking the course.

All courses within the Clinical Research Training Program utilize a Pass/Fail grading scale. In addition, an I (Incomplete) indicates that some portion of the student's work is lacking for a reason acceptable to the Course Director at the time grades are reported (more information about resolving a grade of incomplete is given below). Each Course Director is required to make clear on their course syllabus how grades will be determined, what work in the course will be graded, and what standards will be applied.


An I (Incomplete) indicates that some portion of the student’s work is lacking for a reason acceptable to the instructor at the time grades are reported. Students will not be permitted to enroll in any course for which they have an unresolved Incomplete in a prerequisite course. A grade of Incomplete must be resolved no later than the end of the following academic semester, unless the course director specifies an earlier date by which the student must make up the deficiency. In exceptional circumstances, an Incomplete that is not resolved within the designated period may be extended for a specified period with the written approval of the course director and the program director. If an Incomplete is not resolved within the approved period, the grade of Incomplete converts to a Fail and becomes permanent.  

Course Withdrawal

A course may be dropped at the student's discretion during the first three weeks of class; no grade is recorded and all tuition is refunded. If a course is dropped later in the term, no tuition is refunded and the status of the student at the time of withdrawal is designated by the Course Director and indicated on the permanent record as WP (Withdrew Passing) or WF (Withdrew Failing).

Course Failure

For degree candidates, receiving a single final course grade of fail (F) will typically trigger an academic review by the Program Director. If a degree candidate receives two final course grades of F, the Program Director will convene a faculty review committee consisting of the Program Director and at least two other faculty members. The student will be invited to attend part of the meeting if desired – for example, to present additional information – but is not required to attend. The committee’s recommendation will then be reviewed by the Program Director. What happens next depends on the nature of the recommendation. If the recommendation is for dismissal, it will be reviewed by the Vice Dean of Medical Education as per the School of Medicine review procedures. The Vice Dean of Medical Education makes the final decision and communicates that decision to the student. Any appeals of that decision follow the policies of the School of Medicine. On the other hand, if the decision does not involve dismissal, it will be conveyed to the student by the Program Director.