Internship Program

The Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology has an internship program for all PhD candidates in the Department to participate in an 8-12-week internship program. This internship is an exciting opportunity to gain experience in a Pharmaceutical Company environment while continuing in good standing as a graduate student. Your tuition, fees, and stipend continue without interruption, and the program pays for any additional travel expenses you might incur by participating. To be eligible, students must join the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics as student members. Most students will need to be post-prelim in order to be eligible for the internship, but there is some flexibility for timing to allow students to coordinate with their thesis work. Current corporate partners include Celgene, G1 Therapeutics, Incyte, Innocrin, Metabolon, Metacrine Inc., Pfizer, and Roivant Corporation. We expect to add additional corporate partners in the future.

West Campus in Autumn