Teaching Opportunities

There are several opportunities for graduate students in Pharmacology and Cancer Biology to obtain teaching experience. These are described briefly below:

  • Teaching Assistants in our undergraduate courses Pharm 350 and 360. For information, contact the faculty member in each course.
  • Graduate Student Directors in the Duke Amgen program. Duke Amgen is a 10-week summer research program with a biotechnology/drug discovery focus. Directors will have an opportunity to teach a module and assist scholars with a summer long project. Directors will also assist with programming throughout the summer.

There are a variety of other opportunities for science education outreach. To get more information, go to RISE (Raising Interest in Science Education) or Duke Science & Society.

Duke Sponsored Professional Development in Teaching
Graduate students interested in professional development in teaching may participate in the following Duke programs:

  • Certificate in Teaching College Biology The Certificate in Teaching College Biology aims to enhance the overall professional development of graduate students in the biological and biomedical sciences by preparing them for teaching in academic venues that range from the Community College to the Research I University.
  • Preparing Future Faculty The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program is run by The Graduate School to better prepare graduate students and postdocs for the multiple roles they may be asked to assume as future faculty members in a variety of academic institutions.

Jessica K Sawyer, PhD
Assistant Research Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Email: jessica.sawyer@duke.edu