Research by Lab

Cartoni Lab Image

Cartoni Lab
Finding mechanisms that promote neuronal survival and axonal regeneration

Counter Lab Image

Counter Lab
Molecular mechanisms underlying the evolution of normal cells into cancer

Fox Lab Image

Fox Lab
Extreme genome variation in organ development, repair, and disease

Goetz Lab Image

Goetz Lab
Cilia regulation in development and disease

Haystead Lab Image

Haystead Lab
Discovery and development of novel SMIs targeting purine-utilizing proteins involved in human disease

Kastan Lab Image

Kastan Lab
Stress response pathways in mammalian cells

Kuhn Lab Image

Kuhn Lab
Using animal and model systems to study the biology of addiction and stress/depression

Lew Lab Image

Lew Lab
Cell polarity, cell cycle control, and chemotropism

Locasale Lab Image

Locasale Lab
Understanding the structure and function of metabolic networks in health and pathology, particularly cancer

MacAlpine Lab IMage

MacAlpine Lab
Mechanisms of genetic and epigenetic inheritance

McDonnell Lab Image

McDonnell Lab
Identify novel therapeutics for use in the treatment and prevention of hormonally responsive cancers

Newgard Lab Image

Newgard Lab
Mechanisms of metabolic regulation and fuel homeostasis in mammalian systems

Pendergast Lab Image

Pendergast Lab
Tyrosine kinase signaling networks in cancer metastasis and the response to injury and regeneration

Slotkin Lab Image

Slotkin Lab
Effects of endocrine status, environmental toxicants and drugs on brain development

Tsvetanova Lab Image

Tsvetanova Lab
Biochemical and spatial regulation of GPCR signaling networks and their impact on physiology

VanDongen Lab Image

VanDongen Lab
The role of the immediate-early gene Arc in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease

Wang Lab Image

Wang Lab
Mechanisms underlying cellular senescence and tumorigenesis

West Lab Image

West Lab
Molecular mechanisms and genetics of neurodegeneration

Wingler Lab Image

Wingler Lab
Why certain ligands selectively activate particular signaling pathways downstream of GPCRs

Wood Lab Image

Wood Lab
Novel tumor vulnerabilities and systems-based strategies to overcome therapeutic resistance

Yao Lab Image

Yao Lab
Biology of the histone deacetylase HDAC family and the clinical utility of HDAC inhibitors

ZZ Lab Image

ZZ Lab
Impact and regulation of transposons in both reproductive and somatic tissues