Works in Progress

The Pharmacology and Cancer Biology Works in Progress (WIP) series is held on Fridays at 3:30 PM. This series gives our trainees an opportunity to present their work orally and obtain feedback.
Date Speaker (Lab) Speaker (Lab)
1.28.2022 Andy Whiteley (Sipkins)  
2.4.2022 Andrea Ludwig  
2.11.2022 Corrina Robertson (Lew) Ashely Colemon (Pendergast)
2.18.2022 Open for Thesis Defense  
2.25.2022 Blair Willette (Tsvetanova) Becky Stewart (Fox)
3.4.2022 Open for Thesis Defense  
3.11.2022 SPRING BREAK  
3.18.2022 Jesús Muñoz-Estrada (Goetz) Patrick Juras (McDonnell)
3.25.2022 Archan Chakraborty (Fox)  
4.1.2022 Paige Burrell (Kastan) Liam Lewis (Cartoni)
4.8.2022 Samantha Wilkison (Cartoni) Benjamin Mayro (Pendergast)
4.15.2022 Felicia Lim (McDonnell Tao Yin (Wang)
4.22.2022 Open for Thesis Defense