Annual Retreat

Each year PCB sponsors a retreat showcasing the research done by graduate and postdoctoral trainees in the Department. Oral and poster presentations allow for a high volume of information exchange and awards are given to the top poster presenters. We also use this forum to present the Robert J. Fitzgerald Scholars awards to recognize the most important manuscripts published by students, fellows, and staff in the preceding year.

Group Photo

2021 Fitzgerald Scholars

Cytoplasmic sharing through apical membrane remodeling.
eLife 2020 Oct 14;9:e58107


The ABL2 kinase regulates an HSF1-dependent transcriptional program required for lung adenocarcinoma brain metastasis.
PNAS 2020 Dec 29;117(52):33486-33495


Accelerated cell cycles enable organ regeneration under developmental time constraints in the Drosophila hindgut
Dev Cell 2021 Jul26;56(14):2059-2072

Oncogenic KRAS is dependent upon an EFR3A-PI4KA signaling axis for potent tumorigenic activity.
Nat Commun 2021 Sep 9;12(1):5248

Mechanisms that ensure monogamous mating in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Mol Biol Cell 2021 Apr 15;32(8):638-644

Chemotactic movement of a polarity site enables yeast cells to find their mates.
PNAS 2021 Jun 1;118(22):e2025445118

A complex of distal appendage-associated kinases linked to human disease regulates ciliary trafficking and stability.
PNAS 2021 Apr 20;118(16):e2018740118

2022 Poster Awardees

Amy Stewart (Wood Lab)
Abraham Nguyen (Goetz Lab)

Benjamin Mayro (Pendergast Lab)
Telmo Llanga (Sullenger Lab)
Jing Jin Gu (Pendergast Lab)
Archan Chakraborty (Fox Lab)
Christian Cerda-Smith (Wood Lab)
Scott Allen (Fox Lab)
Paige Burrell (Kastan Lab)
Diana Li (Roper Lab) – not shown


Poster Awardees