Annual Retreat

Each year PCB sponsors a retreat showcasing the research done by graduate and postdoctoral trainees in the Department. Oral and poster presentations allow for a high volume of information exchange and awards are given to the top poster presenters. We also use this forum to present the Robert J. Fitzgerald Scholars awards to recognize the most important manuscripts published by students, fellows, and staff in the preceding year.

Group Photo

2022 Fitzgerald Scholars

Distinct responses to rare codons in select Drosophila tissues.
eLife 2022 May 6;11:e76893



Inhibition of estrogen signaling in myeloid cells increases tumor immunity in melanoma.
J Clin Invest 2021 Dec 1;131(23):e151347



Persistent DNA damage signaling and DNA polymerase theta promote broken chromosome segregation.
J Cell Biol 2021 Dec 6;220(12):e202106116


Disruption of origin chromatin structure by helicase activation in the absence of DNA replication.
Genes Dev 2021 Oct 1;35(19-20):1339-1355


Cancer-cell-derived GABA promotes beta-catenin-mediated tumour growth and immunosuppression.
Nat Cell Biol 2022 Feb;24(2):230-241


Genetically manipulating endogenouse Kras levels and oncogenic mutations in vivo influences tissue patterning of murine tumorigenesis.
eLife 2022 Sep 7;11:e75715


ABL kinases regulate translation in HER2+ cells through Y-box-binding protein 1 to facilitate colonization of the brain.
Cell Rep 2022 Aug 30;40(9):111268


Gaining protection against future viral infection from a family of mobile genetic elements.
Nature Genetics 2022, in press

September 2022 Poster Awardees

Jovita Byemerwa (McDonnell Lab)
Jacob Hoj (Wood Lab)
Saratchandra Khumukcham (Roper Lab)
Liam Lewis (Cartoni Lab)
Jesús Muñoz-Estrada (Goetz Lab)
Becky Stewart (Fox Lab)
Pei-Chen Wu (Holley Lab)

Fitzgerald Academic Achievement Award Winners

Abbie Ireland (Oliver Lab)
Ashley Colemon (Pendergast Lab)
Paige Burrell (Kastan Lab)
Chang Su (Kirsch Lab)