Core Day

Duke University School of Medicine; Core Day

February 26, 2019

Great Hall, Trent Semans Center

10am - 4pm


Learn more about shared resources and their contributions to groundbreaking research, hear about new shared resources and capabilities, and browse posters and meet with shared resource staff.

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9:15am Registration opens, morning snacks served
10:00-10:05am Opening remarks - Colin Duckett, PhD
Vice Dean for Basic Science, School of Medicine
10:05-10:25am Close Encounters with Lysosomes of the Large Kind
Michel Bagnat, PhD
10:25-10:45am A Bacterium with a Sweet Tooth: Mucin Utilization by the Beneficial Gut Microbe Akkermansia muciniphila
Raphael Valdivia, PhD
10:45-11:00am New core highlight: Cellular Metabolism Analysis Shared Resource
Nancie MacIver, MD, PhD
11:00-11:20am Regulation of Cell Polarity
Daniel Lew, PhD
11:20-11:40am Application of Single-Cell RNA-Seq to Unravel the Significance of Microglial Niches
Daniel Saban, PhD
11:40-11:55am Getting at the Core: The Integral Role of Shared Resources in Promoting Integrity
Geeta Swamy, MD
11:55am-1:10pm Lunch provided, poster browsing
1:15-1:35pm The 1000 Patient Project: High Dimensional Integration of Patients, Researchers, and Data
Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH
1:35-1:55pm Breadth of Antibody Binding to Plasmodium falciparum Circumsporozoite Protein Antigens
Georgia Tomaras, PhD and Richard H.C. Huntwork
1:55-2:10pm New core highlight: Microbiome Shared Resource
Holly Dressman, PhD
2:10-2:40pm Afternoon break, poster browsing
2:45-3:05pm Evaluation of Zika Virus Pathogenesis in Pregnant Rabbits
Herman Staats, PhD
3:05-3:25pm Microstructural MRI in the Human Brain: Technologies and Applications
Allen Song, PhD
3:25-3:55pm Keynote Talk - Genome and Epigenome Editing for Gene Therapy, Cell Programming, and Functional Genomics
Charles Gersbach, PhD
3:55-4:00pm Closing remarks - Colin Duckett, PhD
Vice Dean for Basic Science, School of Medicine