Salvatore Vincent Pizzo

Salvatore Vincent Pizzo
Distinguished Professor of Pathology, in the School of Medicine
Third Year Mentor - Molmed - Regenerative Medicine Track
Third Year Mentor - Molmed Oncological Sciences
Third Year Mentor - Pathology Study Program (PSP)
Campus mail: Rm 3059 Duke South Hospital, Duke Box 3712, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 684-3528

Studies from this laboratory identified cell surface expression of the molecular chaperone GRP78 as a major factor in prostate cancer and other malignancies.  Cell surface GRP78 functions as a signaling receptor promoting tumor proliferation and suppressing apoptosis.  Patients with a number of malignancies mount an autoimmune response to GRP78 and these antibodies, which bind to the NH2 terminal domains of GRP78, are receptor agonists whose appearance is a marker of poor prognosis.  More recently, we have shown that antibodies directed against the COOH-terminal domain of GRP78 are receptor antagonists which may have therapeutic potential for treating patients whose tumors express GRP78 on the cell surface.

Education and Training

  • Duke University, Ph.D. 1972
  • Duke University, M.D. 1973
  • Duke University, Resident, Pathology
  • Duke University, Instructor, Pathology
  • Duke University, Assistant Professor, Pathology
  • Duke University, Associate Professor, Pathology
  • Duke University, Head, Program in Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Cancer Center
  • Duke University, Director, Molecular Biology and Macromolecular Structure Shared Resources, Cancer Center