Robert Eric Isaacs

Robert Eric Isaacs
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Campus mail: 4505 Hospital South, Box 3807, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 668-5362

Clinical research interests include the development of new, less invasive (both endoscopic and minimally invasive) treatment strategies for addressing spinal problems, from the very simple to the complex. Furthermore, multi-center trials are being performed to further help to identify means to help limit the approach-related morbidity of spinal surgery, as well as investigate up-and-coming technologies and their safety and efficacy in dealing with spinal disorders. Multi-disciplinary research investigating the effects of spine surgery on back musculature and it's functionality is under way. Biomechanical investigations are focusing on the traumatized spine and more minimally invasive, surgical means to heal the fractured spine. Finally, laboratory research efforts are specifically directed towards refining and improving various minimally-invasive surgical treatment statagies for approaching the spine.

Education and Training


    Anterior-only approaches to scoliosis

    SCOLIOSIS IS A three-dimensional spinal deformity for which surgery may be indicated when patients experience severe pain, curve progression, or progressive disability.