Paula Morrison

Paula Morrison
Associate Dean for Research Software Solutions
Office Name: Office of Research Informatics
Email address:

Assistant: Michele Chan
Phone:  (919) 681-8698


Paula Morrison became the Associate Dean for Research Software Solutions in April 2017.  Paula oversees all operational services provided by the Office of Research Informatics (ORI), including the design, development, implementation, and support of custom software, vended software, and data solutions. She also facilitates IT engagements with the School of Medicine to ensure that proposed IT solutions meet the existing and emerging needs of Duke’s research community.  Since joining Duke in 1995, Paula has served as a software developer, Senior IT manager, and Assistant Dean for Software Development.  Paula is an advocate for agile software development and project management principles.  Agile methodologies emphasize customer involvement and the frequent delivery of small, incremental releases.  Customer-centric, iterative design and development processes enable technical teams to consistently deliver high-quality, user-friendly solutions and also allow the business to quickly respond to shifting priorities.  These principles are especially important in an academic research environment.