Jeffrey Harold Lawson

Jeffrey Harold Lawson
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Surgery
Third Year Mentor - Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Environmental Physiology Study Program (ASEP)
Third Year Mentor - Biomedical Engineering and Surgery Study Program (BES)
Campus mail: 481 Med Sci Res Bldg, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 681-6432

The research interests of my laboratory include the study of vascular biology and cellular differentiation of vascular tissue, the proteolytic and cell mediated regulation of blood coagulation, inflammatory mediated thrombosis, and the development of bioengineered blood vessels. The clinical interests of my laboratory include the study of novel therapies for vascular and cardiovascular surgery, thrombosis related to surgical procedures, clinical inhibitors of blood coagulation proteases, and the study of the immune response to biologics used in surgery.

Education and Training

  • University of Vermont, M.D. 1991
  • University of Vermont, Ph.D. 1992